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  1. Happy Birthday Ineseri!

    Happy Birthday to my best buddy ineseri! you always make me laugh ineseri!
  2. NYPD Ford Escape

    Hey that's the 2011 Ford Escape Hybrid that i had released a while back, looks really good twest413! :-)
  3. Is LCPDFR's Community Team Efficient?

    Ineseri is like one of the best moderators here on this site. isn't he great?. he has a lot of jokes too.
  4. Havis Console (Ford Taurus)

    Really Nice Work Vertex! I love it! :-) keep up the great work!
  5. Medical Bag Textures.

    Nice! :-) Good work Vertex3D!
  6. Tahoe Progard Cabinet

    Yes! Release! You did a very good job on that Tahoe Progard Cabinet, i love it good work Vertex3D! keep it up the awesome work!! :-)
  7. Code 3 XT3 Surface Mounted Lighthead

    Awesome work man! :-)
  8. Community Team & Staffing Update (May 7th, 2014)

    Congrats, Ineseri! :-)
  9. New Ecoboost

    Really nice work EVI i love it! good job and keep up the great work!! :-)
  10. Auto-Additions Custom Rear Command Cabinet

    Awesome Work Vertex3D! :-)
  11. 2013 LAPD Charger (WIP)

    will this be up for download as Dev? anyways awesome work!! :-)
  12. Happy Birthday Ineseri!

    Happy Birthday Ineseri the Best!
  13. Thank you so much 1997chevyboy! didn't NickieB do a fabulous job with that model?
  14. Yes i did cause i like Howdy cause it sounds very funny.
  15. @Kevin, alright good lets please just keep it that way please.