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  1. From the album POV Landstalker

  2. From the album POV Landstalker

  3. From the album POV Landstalker

  5. Does anyone know how to do this? Along with having a bot that is playing a feed?
  6. A citations tab for the officer, or dispatcher to fill out?
  7. Some of you may say this is not the Intimidator series, But it is, Trust me i did my research =), I hope you enjoy!
  8. Thank you for reporting it, Its an issue with the APP not your internet, Ill be updating it as soon as i can. The update will be posted here.
  9. Hmmm, I dont have issues with Windows Defender, Try adding it to Windows Defender Exclusion list?
  10. Los Santos GTAV is based in the state of San Andreas. May I ask who you passed the link to? =D Send it in pm =D
  11. To my knowledge there is no CAD for GTAV.
  12. Version 1.0.1


    I present the GTAV Computer Aided Dispatch. The point of this program is to enhance the Role-Play within Five Reborn, I've made MDC's and Other CAD's for GTAIV, I may be remaking the MDC and CAD for GTAIV. This is the first of its kind for GTAV. I hope you enjoy! Please note the video and screens are a little off, Most of whats said in the video has been fixed/done. There is a native updater to the program, so all updates will be done through it and not LCPDFR. Video ScreenShots
  13. Yeah, GTAIV isn't a good port to begin with. I've tried using steam, and shadow play with the same issues, however, when I stream with steam the game looks 3D but still screws with my FPS.