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  1. If you head into your program directory and read the file called "#Readme for customisation!.txt". Under the section "Agency Names", there is information on how to customise the files!
  2. Hi, The fields ranging from Officer Name to Agency are designed to be filled by individual officer settings! The idea is that the Highway Patrol scheme doesn't have to be used as a Highway Patrol form and can be modified. It is currently up to the user to decide which form is used! :D Have fun, SgtFluffy
  3. The time format is HH:mm:ss! Any inputs that show HH:mm:ss.f (f being a string of numbers), is a mis-formatted version of the time which includes the milliseconds. So 19:59:53 is 7:59PM
  4. Hi there! If you'd like to update, but keep your existing stats, then copy over the dataLogs folder to your new PaperworkPlus directory! I'm planning on adding this section as part of a CAD/MDC based update. Hi! Please inbox me with a screenshot of the full error, thanks!
  5. Hi there! Thank you so much for the complements, community spirit keeps me driven! :D As summer is fast approaching, and what with my student status, I should have most of August to be able to work on an update(s)! Have fun!
  6. I understand and sympathise with you. I wanted to get this update out to not only bring out all these new services and set up the infrastructure for in-game integration, but also to include members of communities who can't play and dispatch instead, if that makes any sense. My advice: pen and paper ;) I hope you enjoy it! :D
  7. I am planning on including a CAD system in the non-game version. I'm still balanced between making this an ingame script and leaving it to be an out of game program. I am also going to be implementing a plate checker feature in the future. I'd prefer to let everything settle down a little (The whole Take2 thing) before continuing thinking about in game scripts.
  8. I need Help

    I haven't got a clue, sorry :/ You'll have to read the documentation.
  9. Gotcha, I'll work on it after I've finished the update for PP
  10. Sure! With the plates being a British shape/model, what would you like me to do about it? And is that greenish stripe part of the texture, or is it a reflection?
  11. What unit numbers and plate number would you like? Would you like a couple of skins with different numbers? K-9 Variants, anything like that? I presume you have permission to use the model?
  12. SWANKY, have you got a template? I can work on it this week, I've got PaperworkPlus to push a release on today/maybe tomorrow!
  13. Hola, what sort of thing are you looking for? (Images of IRL/concept drawings :D)
  14. I need Help

    You'll probably have to mute the original ped voices and play them from a file. How you'd do that, I have no idea! Make sure you've got to grips with C# before you start!