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  1. Miami-Dade County

  2. 1.6 should still be available here! :)
  3. Not as of yet, unfortunately my other studies are impeding my progress a little. I hope to get more done over the approaching holiday break.
  4. Hi! Thanks for getting touch! Currently, Paperwork++ is being developed as an academic and personal project! I will try to keep you as up to date as I can! I'm currently working on the ticketing system and its functionality!
  5. Vehicle Meta poof

    Hi there @SgtButler, Firstly, I'd like to welcome you to the LCPDFR/LSPDFR community, I hope that you'll be able to explore a new level of depth and realism in law enforcement roleplay. Secondly, thank you for downloading my first and only model release! It was fun being able to make this model and expand my skills in ZModeler3. But more importantly, I'd like to say that I am sorry for the mishap you have been experiencing! The line that I provided was just for the LGUARD model, designed to be copied over from the file into the LGUARD slot in your original game file. This mistake is one I have made myself when starting out with modding, but its relatively easy to get used to! :D In the "Instructions.txt" file, I included the following passages, which should help you when reinstalling/installing other meta files! Sorry to have "ruined your day"! If there's anything else I can do to help, let me know! :)
  6. Hi there! If you'd like to get in touch via PM, and we can have a conversation about it! :D Hellow! This program functions as a standalone application! All you have to do is unzip it to a location of your choice and run the executable in the program directory!
  7. Hi Rourke, I'm really glad you're enjoying PaperworkPlus, it honestly does so much for me (and my ego ;D )! I do agree that the method of filling in time was tricky, especially when it may even be hours down the line from the event itself! I'm hoping that I have an idea in mind to try work around this situation and perhaps modify it. As for the situation with accounts, I'm hoping to transfer all existing accounts (literally just over 100). If this is going to be a possibility, I will mail those who signed up with their new account information and a temporary password. In terms of the logs and tickets, I am yet undecided as to what I would like to do with them, or whether it will be possible to migrate the data (I'm using a new database service and will most likely remodel the data structure).
  8. Paperwork++ What about PaperworkPlus? PaperworkPlus was one of the most fulfilling projects I have participated in; Community feedback from the project was strong and mostly positive. Now, its time to move forwards into the next frontier. But, this is no job for a Windows-based application, oh no. Now, PaperworkPlus, now Paperwork++, has moved to the web. Why have I chosen to make this project into a web application? Simple. Mac users, Linux users, those who can't get in game, but want to contribute to their community, or their friends; These are the people who need including the most. Now, for predominantly community use, non-game-members (often dispatchers) will have access to the program and will be able to perform their own paperwork, deepening their participation. What're we going to see in Paperwork++? (Version numbers start at 2.0 as the first release, making version comparison between P+ and P++ easy.) Accounts Quicker registration times; Apologies for those who has to wait in 1.6! Now, following web standards, registrations are quick and smooth and require no input from me! (2.0) User directory, which will allow you to lookup all users in the system, view their stats, checkout their personas. (2.0) Multiple personas, included with a directory. Wave goodbye to the single persona, users can have up to five personas registered with their account, their details easily editable! (2.0) Dynamic ranking system. Users can increase their persona's rank by logging hours, tickets, arrests, searches and so on. (2.1) Tickets, Logs and Suspects Tickets and logs are now separated from one another. Tickets represent citations and infractions, whereas logs are used for misdemeanors and felonies. (2.0) Tickets can be tracked in their progress, allowing for court responses, paid notices and etc to be returned. (2.1) People can be searched through a national computer style input. This will return logs inputted into the Paperwork++ for the names provided, but will not show the in-game wanted warnings from the LSPDFR computer, maybe... (2.1) Game Integration I've been promising this for a while now and I apologise for not getting to it quicker. Once the web development has been completed, I will commence work to try implement even the basics into the game. This will most likely consist of submitting reports via a menu. (2.?) Eventually, I'd love to be able to have nearly all the functions of the web portal available in-game. (2.?) Statistics The statistics options for PaperworkPlus were pretty lousy. You could view your records, the records of others and so on, but I'd like to be able to offer more. This section of the development will most likely continue to progress as the development proceeds, adding and taking away different functions based on demand. (2.*) Statistics can be quite demanding in terms of loading times and processing/networking speeds, so please be patient with any statistics pages you come across. (2.*) Communities Community interest in PaperworkPlus was phenomenal, to the point where I had to close applications to properly manage requests properly! (If I haven't gotten back to you about your request, I do apologise! (2.?) Community users will have access to a separate portal through which they can log into their section. Community managers will have access to manage their users directly and perform administrative functions. (2.?) Communities who have existing status within PaperworkPlus will be offered a free transition into Paperwork++, along with a block of time free of charge (unknown as of yet). (2.?) There's probably other stuff that I've forgotten to include :) Contact Information Paperwork++ Web Portal* - http://paperworkplus.net Paperwork++ Contact - hello@paperworkplus.net Paperwork++ Team Applications - apply@paperworkplus.net Feel free to ask questions and I'll try to answer! *Any accounts that are registered before Paperwork++ is officially opened are instantly suspended. Please do not be alarmed by this, these accounts may be re-opened once Paperwork++ is available and Terms of Service have been re-accepted. ** I am not actively looking for anybody to join the Paperwork++ Team right now, but your message will be taken down and I will get back once I'm in need of assistance.
  9. PaperworkPlus offers a community option for a small hosting fee. Currently, PaperworkPlus has been put on hold as the next version of the software is being developed. Get in touch with my via PM! :D
  10. Hi! Sorry that you're having this issue! This may be a common bug that we have been experiencing recently! Please check to see if the "officer number" field contains an actual number. No spaces, letters or special characters are allowed, other than your standard 0-9! Please inbox me when you can, as I can't zoom in enough to read the error! Thanks!
  11. Lifeguard Mini-Pack [ELS]

    You'll have to confer with DeputyD! : D
  12. Lifeguard Mini-Pack [ELS]

    Dw, I know how that feels xD
  13. Lifeguard Mini-Pack [ELS]

    Version 1.0.0


    LOS SANTOS LIFEGUARD MINI-PACK 2016 Chevrolet Impala PPV 2010 Ford E350 Super Duty The Los Santos Lifeguard is responsible for the welfare of coastal visitors in the County of Los Santos. This ranges from lifesaving services and proactive education of the dangers of water, to law enforcement in association with the San Andreas Parks Authority. This pack provides the ability to serve the needs of this agency, without resorting to boring vanilla and non-ELS models. This pack contains two models, matched with textures. 2016 Chevrolet Impala PPV Equipped with emergency response equipment, in order to get to callouts faster and safer! Equipped with a versatile Thule bike rack and Scorcher pushbike to increase the versatility of your patrol. Marked for easy identification of LS Lifeguard personnel. 2010 Ford E350 Super Duty Equipped with emergency response equipment, in order to get to callouts faster and safer! Equipped with a rack to hold official surfboards and other equipment. Marked for easy identification of LS Lifeguard personnel. Credits and installation instructions are included within the download. If I have missed you out of the credits, please let me know via PM and I will make an amendment! This modification requires Emergency Lighting System (ELS). I also recommend the use of the following modifications with this one!

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