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  1. So I've been working on some new LCPD related loading screens for GTA IV, got some inspiration from Custo and this is what I've got cooking so far: There's more but I don't want to post them all. There's some oversights like the white lines which I really don't feel like fixing 'cuz that'll take me like a couple of lightyears to do. Looking for overall input and suggestions, what do you think?
  2. Stay down, punk!

    From the album Olanov's Pics

    Looks like this one's done alright. Higher resolution picture here. http://cloud-2.steampowered.com/ugc/577826488329887454/A2CD892976E4C6A5FE45B6F1DD1C911D543AE908/
  3. From the album Olanov's Pics

    Showcasing some new peds I've worked on. North Yankton State Patrol. Higher resolution picture here: http://cloud-2.steampowered.com/ugc/82505487784282967/F1594061C83473C0FE775200D9B254AC1572AEB2/
  4. Ha, ha, charade you are!

    From the album Olanov's GTA V Pictures

    yes the video was half assed m'kay
  5. What happened with Olanov and Custo?

    Although it's private, I don'y de Although it's private, anybody can feel free to add me. I generally accept all friends requests, but I probably can't answer for all of what Custo's mods, do, and I really don't work on a lot of even my personal mods anymore. Sorry about that. I can ask for Custo, if you want me to, though. I can then PM you the answer so we don't have to keep it up in this topic.
  6. After the last ineffective hiring surge which resulted in widespread corruption and misconduct, unjustified use of deadly force, the National Office of Security Enforcement Patriotism & Immigration Authority ensures they're being more honest about the job with this brand new recruitement ad. If you're interested in joining, contact us now and be amongst one of the 500 applicants to get a gun with only two weeks worth training! (Sketch based off Last Week Tonight with John Oliver and their episode on Border Patrol)
  7. It's okay though, Police 10-13'll be here soon and will be the most amazing police sim ever! Right guys..? Right...?
  8. I like how it looks just like those weird European police simulators that was released a few years back, but this time set in America. True quality.
  9. I believe so, hence why I think there are brighter minds already working on this. Issues like people slipping through the net, by my speculating is just due to the little manpower versus potentional criminal candidates.
  10. Locking 23,000 people would not only be an ethically difficult question, but also horribly ineffecient and an absolute logistical nightmare, which makes it nigh impossible. Some sort of a watch list for extremists alone is way more sound, and then if they are found suspect of something, you act. Still, there's no easy way to handle 23,000 guys even on some watch list, but I'm sure there's way brighter minds already working on that question.
  11. Sad, even unfortunate but it's a job they volunteered to do.
  12. Only meatheads will understand

    From the album Olanov's GTA V Pictures

    Courtesy of @Custo for the Border Patrol agents.
  13. Olanov's GTA V Pictures

    GTA V snapmatic shots and once the PC version hits stores, pictures in higher resolution.
  14. [Forum Game] My Hill

    I used an eraser on anime. It was super effective. My hill.
  15. Wenn wir marschieren, zieh'n wir zum Deutschen Tor hinaus

    ...there was a discussion?
  16. LCPDFR Loading Screen/Theme

    This looks familiar...
  17. Fuck TakeTwo Blimp

    Version 1.6.9


    TakeTwo has shown their true colors (as if they didn't before) and now you can too. Well, if you want to, that is. Welcome to the machine, baby! Let TakeTwo know how you feel: https://www.take2games.com/contact/
  18. Yeah I don't understand that. Makes even less sense they hit OpenIV first. So many questions.
  19. To be fair, unless their sales are hit, I doubt they care that much.
  20. Yeah well. OpenIV's lack of developement makes it vulnerable to any changes Rockstar would decide to do. Just as Scripthook no longer getting updated could end in a disaster down the line, unless everyone manages to stay off from updating their games. There's a lot on the line in that sense. Whatever backlash they got coming, they do deserve it. I don't see it as getting out of hand. Not the way they're treating this. On another note, overall reviews are now mixed:
  21. Problem is, OpenIV has nothing to do with 'em. It's script mods using bypasses and injectors causing the issues. Rockstar/TakeTwo totally missed their target, unless they intend to drive more people to GTA O.
  22. Recent reviews are now in the overwhelming majority!

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