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  1. 'Good Music' Thread

    Absolutely addicted to this.
  2. Blaine County Sheriff K-9 Team

    dat texture quality tho
  3. Chicago Police's New Livery

    Reminds me of the liveries we have here. It's not bad but I'm not keen on the "We Server & Protect" font/location though.
  4. ye

    My skin sure is getting around!
  5. BoneZone

    Hugh Mungus Bone for president?
  6. HSCO_Chr_cvpi 2017

    Why have you used Manatee County stars on a Hillsborough County vehicle?
  7. help plz

    Please don't double post/bump your own threads, I've merged your posts together. As for your issue, where have you installed the vehicle files? Generally you have to install them to one of if not the latest patch/DLC folder otherwise the vehicle will be overwritten by the default one.
  8. 'Good Music' Thread

  9. 'Good Music' Thread

    Brilliant song, free too so even better.
  10. Open IV

    This topic has been moved to the appropriate forum. Please post in the correct location in the future.
  11. LSPD Pack | Ripon CA Inspired

    How come the gradient is only one one side of the stripe?
  12. Naptime

    >parking next to a fire hydrant Tut tut.
  13. Not sure about packs but you can filter out ELS enabled vehicles when looking through the downloads page. https://www.lcpdfr.com/downloads/gta5mods/vehiclemodels/?page=1&since=all_time&downloads_field_4=Non ELS&advanced_search_submitted=1&csrfKey=acb11f2c9e7d3a7802b4029a8d5471b4
  14. My police car became sentient!

    If only the Explorer would turn itself into a Crown Vic
  15. A classic

    Not as good as the original.