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  1. 2017 California Highway Patrol Mega Pack - ELS

    did you install the config files for the police bike?
  2. Thehurk's WIPS

    Current or past work in progresses.
  3. CHP Ford Police Interceptor Utility

    Got lazy? Excuse me? I worked my fucking ass off on that pack, and just because you don't like it because it isn't accurate in your eyes i'm lazy? I played nice over PMS with you for a longest time trying to show you there was far more to the CHP setting then you want to believe. I told you that there were some trade offs with the CHP setting, just because the Right side of the lightbar doesn't shut off its completely inaccurate? Grow up. I told you the only thing that needed to be fixed was the steady burn setting it up the old way. I don't know who you think you are, but you seem to think you're the king of being able to critique people, and apparently now think you're able to insult people as well. I could care less what you accomplished in GTA IV. How many years ago was that? I didn't "tell you to take a hike" I gave you good reasoning why i wasn't going to go and re do everything. I have a life outside of modeling, and sorry that I cant do everything to everyone's fucking needs. Don't you dare say that i didn't do any research on how the lights should be. I spent a good month just getting the lighting right for this pack. I was unable to do specific things, but the ability to change patterns to the different patterns that they use was too much of a benefit to just set it up with LEDS and other settings. You can't just come back from fucking off and decide to insult someones hard work, that they did for the passion of modeling, and the department itself. EDIT: I will post screenshots of our entire conversation if need be to show that i've been more then patient, asking numerous times to stop being asked about this pack, and to stop telling me i did everything wrong. @Sgt.Kanyo With the ELS version, i wasn't able to really do much with the lighting as i was no expert in default lighting, and hated making cars for it. But with ELS i went all out trying to use as much references as possible, trying to weigh my options to see whether or not i was able to get it perfect, or like everything in GTA have to leave things out because of limitations. Had i had more extras, I would have been able to make the exact replica of the real CHP vehicles. @Lundy Thank you for sticking up for me, i haven't been on the site in 3 days and i come back to all this, i appreciate it man.
  4. It looks like whatever happened in the update overrides the settings. i completely forget how to do anything besides ELS anymore.
  5. 2017 California Highway Patrol Mega Pack - ELS

    I have spoken to Spitfire7 and i've told him, that there is a significant amount of stuff that you can do with the current stuff, for example; in any light stage, you can turn everything on or off, change patterns and piratically do anything possibly that CHP do with their vehicles. For example, in light stage 1, you can turn off the Traffic advisor to change how the back pattern works. this is just one of the many things that you can actually do with the CHP setting.
  6. Are you using ELS or non ELS.
  7. 2017 California Highway Patrol Mega Pack - ELS

    My reply never sent over, but at this stage and with the things i used for ELS, ELS now has a setting for CHP, and i had to make the cars to that.
  8. You really have no clue about modeling, having stuff leaked, sold, and ripped, you don't have a clue how it feels to have all of your hard work sold for another persons gain
  9. Coming Soon

  10. And another one.

    These vehicles aren't complete, i wanted to get the Lighting on the vehicles first, then i would add all the proper small details.
  11. Another one

    You take that back.
  12. 2016 California Highway Patrol MegaPack

    Change the Handling line to use gresley.
  13. LAPD, New York?? - LAPD NYC Concept Livery

    Damn, i kind of like that, Maybe instead of putting LAPD to stop all the LAPD nerds, you could put LSPD, but i love the concept.