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  1. JDM/Ricer callout

    Though, worth a mention that loosely throwing around the term "ricer" and associating it in general with JDM, tuned cars, and exhaust modifications is quite wrong. JDM is a car culture, much as Euro and the others are. Exhaust modifications in general also don't make you a ricer, unless you specifically decide to go for some obnoxious fart cannon or something similar. I do like your idea though, would be quite cool if implemented.
  2. Who's that car?

  3. [REQ] Lenco Bearcat G2

    I was working on one but currently have other projects I've diverted my attention to. I can't say when I'll resume work on it but you can find the WIP thread here.
  4. Push It To The Edge

    The attention to detail is rather on point.
  5. My Favourite Caprice

    Well, yes lol. Its my Caprice.
  6. My Favourite Caprice

    If it does bring any joy, I guess it is then worthwhile mentioning that there is a Liberty II version in the pipeline as the next release with the Caprice.
  7. My Favourite Caprice

    *cough* what was that? *cough*
  8. Caprice Wears Everything Well

    It really does.
  9. 2013 LSPD Chevy Caprice PPV 2013 LSSD Chevy Caprice PPV
  10. Reflecting on the future II

    No graphics mods at all, completely vanilla. Its just the model detailing itself that makes it seem so. :P
  11. 'Good Music' Thread

  12. Let there be light!

    Because "reflective" means shining light on a car with what I suspect is matte paint. Yeah, obviously the livery would then show greater reflections. In IV it was possible to create custom specular maps to achieve this because Zmodeler 2 had a multiplier function for the specular properties, as seen here. For V, sadly it isn't possible with specular maps since I've already tried it and Zmodeler 3 lacks these settings which IV had. This all being said and if I'm wrong, how about you post some daytime raw ingame screens of this and explain your method?
  13. My WIP thread.

    The rights holder, yes. The creator of the 3d model in question? No. Content creators in communities like these thrive on credit, as those of us that scratch model cars and any model in general expect credit for our efforts. In the same breath, I ask why else would we credit companies such as Ubisoft, EA, etc. for models used from their games? Its just a matter of practicing good morals and respect. @Him1250 You could've PM'd him instead of taking his thread off-topic.
  14. 2011 Ontario Provincial Police Stealth CVPI

    No. Its EVI's. Same degraded version used in the release of the Caprice, which is where he got it from.