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  1. The new sheriff is in town

    Yes, myself and @Cj24 have been hard at work redoing our interior equipment that has led to a quite a delay in progress. The Avenger II dashlight and rear lights have also been removed in favour of a Whelen Dominator in the rear. The car will be well worth the wait, but unfortunately we both lack time thesedays to work flat out on the model.
  2. Tomorrow®

    The man, the myth, the legend. Keep it up.
  3. Kickin' up dust

    I absolutely love this. The rims, the details, the lightbar, aaaaaand last but not least, that lightbar sticker.
  4. Shes a workin' car

    Looking at the dirt pattern on that car, I'd say it was magnetized and driven through a field of iron filings.
  5. 'High' Poly models

    Generally you could consider anything above 120K polys as high poly. Anything above 140~150K polys is inexcusably high.
  6. JDM/Ricer callout

    Though, worth a mention that loosely throwing around the term "ricer" and associating it in general with JDM, tuned cars, and exhaust modifications is quite wrong. JDM is a car culture, much as Euro and the others are. Exhaust modifications in general also don't make you a ricer, unless you specifically decide to go for some obnoxious fart cannon or something similar. I do like your idea though, would be quite cool if implemented.
  7. Who's that car?

  8. [REQ] Lenco Bearcat G2

    I was working on one but currently have other projects I've diverted my attention to. I can't say when I'll resume work on it but you can find the WIP thread here.
  9. Push It To The Edge

    The attention to detail is rather on point.
  10. My Favourite Caprice

    Well, yes lol. Its my Caprice.
  11. My Favourite Caprice

    If it does bring any joy, I guess it is then worthwhile mentioning that there is a Liberty II version in the pipeline as the next release with the Caprice.
  12. My Favourite Caprice

    *cough* what was that? *cough*
  13. Caprice Wears Everything Well

    It really does.
  14. 2013 LSPD Chevy Caprice PPV 2013 LSSD Chevy Caprice PPV

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