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  1. Unmarked Ford Super Duty Traffic Division

    Brings back memories still looks and works great.
  2. Slicktop Crown Vic

    Everything has been fixed. It
  3. Slicktop Crown Vic

    I'm working on it I'm getting help from draco he is teaching me some stuff please give me a couple days
  4. Slicktop Crown Vic

    Version 2.0


    This is my first model released on lcpdfr please bare with me while my modeling skills are improving if you find any problems with the model please let me know. I would also like to thank all of the people before for uploading unlocked models for me to release this model. THANK YOU and for the people who download this ENJOY. I will start taking request soon and will be making youtube videos so what for them. This is the final for this cvpi I edited it now it should work fine.
  5. I am a modder looking for a modding group that will help me convert and give me advise on my models. Please PM me links due to the lcpdfr guildlines.
  6. Is this a good gaming PC?

    I was about to get it but it was sold-out when I was about to buy it It's a good pc though my friend is an expert he told me so
  7. Need Skinners

    I need a couple Liberty City Police Skins, Liberty State Police Skins, and Liberty Sheriff Skins done
  8. Need Skinners

    I need skinners to help me make my clan pack If anyone is interested please let me know I will send you the teamspeak ip in your message once you comment that you are interested.
  9. ZModeler Help

    I am having problems with my zmodeler it keeps crashing after stream.zmc can someone help me please.
  10. Budget PC

    I need a temporary desktop under $500.00 that can run GTA 4 multiplayer with mods(Cars, Script's, Uniforms) installed. Can anyone help.
  11. How to make the ELS on the Lightforces to work

    How can I create els for them.
  12. I found a unlocked pair of light force spotlights by LCCOP I was wondering if there is any way I can make them blink like wig-wags. Link to the part: '?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>>
  13. ELS Questions

    o that makes since 8lackTirgerCro Thanks for the help I am trying it now
  14. ELS Questions

    I am working on my impala I am almost done. I just have a question on why my all my lights are showing up as primary lights and not secondary and primary can anyone help.
  15. I am working on a 2014 charger I am almost done but my tire, InnerEdge- lightbar and dash light textures are not showing up can anyone help. Also all of the textures are in the .wtd

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