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  1. LSPD Gets a New Look!

    In the next few days. Just been busy and plus alot of new vehicle models are getting released so Im going to continously update the pack before release so that all cars are covered!
  2. Unmarked Ford Super Duty Traffic Division

    I remember when this car was released on GTAPOLICEMODS in like 2012 lol
  3. [Request] Pre Configured LSPDFR Pack

    As we say in the Army....... GTS (Google that S***T) and Youtube. Thats how everyone learns. Your Welcome, (6 Years of GTA IV and now GTA V Modding Experience)
  4. Can someone ID this Lightbar?

    Mx7000 Code 3 Lightbar
  5. LSPD Gets a New Look!

    New Design. Got Bored! Tell Me What You Think!
  6. 2005 LASD CVPI V1.0

    Love the car but the spotlights are kinda jacked up. Is there a way you could create an update with the spotlights possible down or actually straight?
  7. problem with SAHP added cars

    Just install this.... Since the last update GTA V has been crashing when utilizing the Add-On Cars. Heres a link: https://www.gta5-mods.com/misc/gameconfig-for-patch-1-0-757-2-update-at-each-r-update Just follow the installation Readme. It worked for me. Hope I helped :)
  8. Im Back and Better Than Ever!

    Just got back into LSPDFR! Loving it Already!
  9. Takedowns Remain on When Initiating Lights/Siren

    Your the best Brother! Should have been more observant of his other Modifications. Thanks again!
  10. Takedowns Remain on When Initiating Lights/Siren

    Honestly I cant remember because for some reason I couldnt get Radience V to work (Dont know why) so I was trying to find a modification to improve my light reflections so it may actually be ELR (Emergency Lighting Revolution) by Fenix2525WOT
  11. Takedowns Remain on When Initiating Lights/Siren

    I do. Is that what it is?
  12. Ok so ever since I got home, I updated everything of course, I went in game and now for some odd reason when I initiate my lights and siren the takedowns turn on and remain on especially in the evening/night time and even the AI when they either provide assistance to a chase or respond to a backup request their takedowns and spotlight remain on. I attempted to change my configurations but still no luck. It seems to stop doing it when I completely turn the headlights off and for graveyard shift patrols its kinda of a safety no go. Dont know if this is an LSPDFR feature orrrr something but its becoming bother some. I was wondering if I could receive assistance regarding this odd situation.
  13. Going Ghost for Night Shift!

    These Reflective Decals can only be seen in the Spotlight!
  14. 2012 Ghost Charger

    Textures all New!
  15. New Supervisor Charger w/ Rx2700

    Nice Isnt it?