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  1. Detroit Police Pack

  2. Detroit Police Pack Custom Trainer

    Of course my Friend. Of course.
  3. ELS V7 - An Install Guide

    Right, I am getting annoyed with 'I can't get ELS V7 to work'. Follow all these steps, and Make a Back up of ELS V6.1 if this still does not work. Download the Pack, clearly obviously. When you have downloaded it, if it is in a WinRAR archive then Export the whole Folder to a seperate location, NOT where your GTAIV is. Now, you need to open ELS.ini and Scroll down to the bottom. You will see [ AMBULANCE] and various others. You MUST Change 'off' to 'on' otherwise it WILL NOT WORK. Following this, export Everything, including the folders in to your Main GTAIV Directory! Now, I have noticed the issue of not being able to use the Control Panel in game. For some people, it works with Alt+M, but for me it didn't. Try Ctrl+M to work the Panel. If this still does not work. Read this again, do it again. Don't leave anything out. CloseEncounter READ THE DAMN MANUAL
  4. Emergency Lighting System IV

  5. Emergency Lighting System IV

    Doesn't work for me... Installed all correctly. Twice. Still does not work. Controls are disfunctional.
  6. Version V.0.9


    This is a Custom Trainer File for CriticalFaction's Detroit Police Pack uploaded. This trainer details the Model Names of the Cars and what they actually are. Also it comes with a few custom settings as-well! Enjoy! Detroit Pack - CloseEncounter
  7. Detroit Police Pack

    I remember testing these... Good pack.
  8. Trainer Problems?

    I had it. Uninstall and Reinstall.
  9. Second steam install of GTA 4

    Use Steam, Right Click on the game and Click 'Backup Files'.....
  10. Second steam install of GTA 4

    No. Steam will only let you have one version - at-least that is what I've found out. The only way to fully make a 'Second' Version is by backing up all your Original Files.
  11. Your Desktop

    If I posted mine, I'd be Banned for Inappropriate Images and Spamming. :P
  12. How to play GTA IV smoothly on a low end computer

    Worked for me! Smooth as hell now!

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