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  1. your motherboard is amd so they use pins for the cpu what processor do you have now? your motherboard supports amd3+ but your motherboard is a bit dated and don't have a heatsink on the vrms and won't support higher end amd3+ cpus so it would be better just to get a new motherboard either go with the new amd ryzen cpus/ motherboards if you don't want to spent too much money and keep the am3 platform you can get a asus aura 970 motherboard and 8350 or 8370 cpu
  2. GTA V crashes after update

    got to gta5mods and download a gameconfig for the new patch that should fix it
  3. He thought "Maybe C-cup."

    Was he also soaked in beer?
  4. yes dl the new ver and it adds it own files it don't touch any of the game files when you run it you show it to your gta v exe and press the dx10 and 11 and it will install the files it needs
  5. download reshade 3.0 and you can set it up to look almost like when you hit esc or open the weapon wheel use one of the dof reshade has and you like and tune the other setting to your liking all the info and how to use reshade is on their website at reshade.me if you need any help just sent me a pm and i can help you
  6. GTA V 61 FPS to 2 FPS

    dam lol that would be your problem and i bet your gpu is hot also what heatsink do you have if its the stock may want to look at getting either a aio liquid cooler or better air cooler
  7. Gta v crashing.

    its saying what your problem is right in the error message corrupt game data so verify your game data in steam to fix also remove your gamesave and data and let gta make new files go into C:\Users\yourusername\Documents\Rockstar Games than into the gta v folder backup all the files to the desktop than in the gta v folder delete everything in that folder then also go into where you have your gta v installed go into the folder for it than u will see a folder called installers go into that and run the social club setup this all should than fix you gta than you can reinstall lspdfr
  8. GTA V 61 FPS to 2 FPS

    41c for gpu or cpu? also that on load when in a game or idle on the desktop the temp?
  9. GTA V 61 FPS to 2 FPS

    gpu you want under 60c and i say for cpu under 70c also should verify game data to see that you don't have any missing/ corrupted files
  10. GTA V 61 FPS to 2 FPS

    What is your gpu and cpu temps at you maybe running to hot and its thermal throttling also try and play gta normal no plugins or rage hook/mods and see if you still have low fps also you might just have the settings way to high can't fully max gta on a gtx970 try turning down some settings also if your gpu driver are outdated go and update them and use a program called ddu to first fully remove drivers then install new nvidia drivers
  11. Check out ELS for V!

    lol policewomen we won't have to wait that long els is just around the corner we should be seeing it soon(soon lol) within the next few weeks can't wait this is what lspdfr and the gta community been waiting for can't wait to see what great cars will be made with els just like to thank all of the els team and testers for their hard work now let the hype train/countdown begin choo choo
  12. New Enb/Reshade

    looks nice what enb/reshade are you using?
  13. [EUP] Revised Vests

    Nice vets but is their anyway you can make them look cleaner / sharper the textures what res are you using for them
  14. What's a good traffic script?

    yea I see that now you can try other traffic/ped mods on gta5-mods.com they have that should work or just do what Darkmyre said to do and edit the popcycle.dat

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