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  1. San Bernardino LSPD Pack

    beren has already done that check his files
  2. Ford Police Responder hybrid [ELS]

    it looks a lot better now
  3. Ford Police Responder hybrid [ELS]

    just have the passenger side spotlight permanent and the rambar can be an extra as long as there isn't to many other extras I believe....the fictional lapd dodge charger on here has a rambar that spawns randomly so you could do something similar to that
  4. Ford Police Responder hybrid [ELS]

    the spotlight is still not in the correct spot its not mounted low its up at the triangle part of the door check the image and the lapd have a simple set up with the valor and some of them have rambars so you can add a spawnable rambar and a spotlight to the passenger side....from the images it doesn't look like anything was changed
  5. Ford Police Responder hybrid [ELS]

    its okay but in its current state I wouldn't download it because it looks like the spotlight was just slapped on there it should be level with the top of the mirror and I will just wait for an update
  6. Ford Police Responder hybrid [ELS]

    not bad but the spotlight should be mounted a lot higher like in the pictures and video and if its going to have an lapd skin then I would add another one to the passenger side since lapd have two of them
  7. we got him

    its just a little water
  8. the American people did NOT vote for the patriot act....puppet bush did and stop acting like you know everything about united states affairs when you don't have a fucking clue about the federal reserve banking cartel they are NOT part of the government and they are NOT owned by the people they issue notes not real currency that real currency is long gone and the reason why we go to war with every country that doesn't want to use the us dollar and exchange it for gold you just cant handle the facts you cant prove otherwise with any form of facts what so ever all you do is claim " conspiracy theories" but those that have the money have the power money talks and shit walks so prove these wrong then with links videos whatever I hope what I see and read is wrong but I have yet to come across anyone with actual facts the only thing I hear is oh you don't agree with mah delusional world views you conspirasay tearisttt gooberment portact meee.....I don't pay attention to history but im right and yo wronggg.......k enjoy what little freedoms you have left...ill keep my protection you can keep your delusions
  9. we didn't pass the anti constitutional patriot act....puppet bush did.....yeah you say you're not worried until it happens...good luck with that oh and btw the reason why japan didn't invade the united states after the pearl harbor attack was because and I quote " you cannot invade the mainland united states because there would be a rifle behind every blade of grass" isoroku yamamoto commander in chief of imperial Japanese navy ww2....you are not going to win this argument the facts speak for themselves and you are delusional for thinking that you're country wont ever be attacked
  10. "those who trade liberty for security deserve neither" -ben franklin yeah we don't want martial law here and our rights stripped away but thanks for your concern...guns save lives not the other way around and the statistics prove otherwise....your country would be easy to invade
  11. yeah considering the crime in the uk is higher then in the us states that don't have gun control and a gun could of stopped the driver or at least the tires....most "terror" attacks have all happened in places that have strict gun control...uk, france, new York, boston, conneticut, Illinois, California just to name a few but nothing to see here move along
  12. combat dangers by using what? there loving goverment restricts people from using guns so you are pretty much sitting ducks....hows that gun control working out for ya Londoners?