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  1. upon installing this I realized it was the forza model which is not the best looking crown vic and would rather stick with the dsf...its not your fault its whoever converted this didn't take the time to scale the wheels and fix the suspension, the rear sticks up like a mofo
  2. very nice, simple set up and welcome back
  3. sahp

    san andreas highway patrol
  4. vanilla gorilla

  5. Tribal Ranger Units

    damn...hope this gets released....the download section is kinda empty
  6. making a stop

    i know it looks similar to mine except for the lightbars, I have them in my grille for a stealth look...I am a sucker for raptors
  7. gta v

  8. lspd

  9. Enb's GrandTheftAuto4

    yeah vision v its on here
  10. Enb's GrandTheftAuto4

  11. blacked out

    yeah its been released for awhile almost 2 years ago on gta 5 mods
  12. lssd

    los santos county sheriff
  13. Scuds' CA stuff

    taxi looks good hopefully it will be low poly, hard to find any of those, cant wait for the updated pack!
  14. rockford hills police

  15. the lspd

    yeah been using your textures since release, they are good looking just don't care to use random cars and textures just bores to me...I don't plan on using anything else lol