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Hi, I'm Shekure, but my real name is James. Welcome to the humble abode that is my profile, enjoy your stay!
I didn't really join LCPD:FR with the intention of getting somewhat involved with the community and uploading content. In all honesty, I never thought I'd know half the people I do know back when I joined in 2013. I only made an account when I downloaded 0.95. Back then, I did small texture packs which mostly were never released or never were seen ever again from the deep abyss that is my hard drive. Now I mainly do screenshots which will at some point wind up in the gallery.
But what about me? I'm a lively character who enjoys gaming, computing and trying out new games on the market. Though personally, I enjoy free roam and adventure/shooter games as well as horror. A blend of all these would be STALKER or the Metro games (I play constantly). I also have an interest in history, law and current affairs. 
I love music-primarily electric music, indietronica, EDM, old-school hip-hop, IDM, anything! Since the ability to play music on channels is limited to the moderators (As far as I know), I just post videos of some music I like on my page every now and again. Enjoy!


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