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  1. I have the M4A1 if you'd like it By the way, I do enjoy these props! Thank you for contributing to the community!
  2. Try going into the VCF and enabling takedowns. Once you are in game, hit CTRL+ ]
  3. Indiana uses the Harley-Davidson Electroglydes for their unit and they do use the Lenco Bearcat.
  4. It's good man :) I am just being an ass! Merry Christmas!
  5. Lol this is the childish bs everyone sees in this community. I wasn't even raging. I do not have to be apart of something to find something disrespectful haha. I do not get why you are mad if I complemented you on what you were doing, and then just stating it is not cool to do that in-game. I also do know what respect is. It is when you look up to someone for what they have done and show appreciation for their doings. You do not have to like someone to show respect but as I stated, "It is a game" but if you were looking for positive features to it... you would not just stick a funny face on the ped... it pulls attention away from your actual product. What does a gingerbread man have to do with a skin? It's redundant to include that. The fact you state, " I'm holding myself from completely cussing you out all my anger", it sounds like you need to take classes or something to help that. I am saying, a gingerbread man has nothing to pertain to the product.
  6. Why do people do that? Look, I like what you were doing with the vehicles but putting a gingerbread man's head on an officer is ridiculous. I know it is just a game, but it is not cool, especially when they are out there keeping you safe when you don't know it. #RespectTheBlue
  7. Too bad you did not post the link to my model.
  8. Always make sure you right-click on "RagePluginhook.exe" then go to "Run As Administrator". Once you have done so, right when Ragehook says {Loading Game...}, press the settings button (gear at the bottom left). Once you have done so... go to "Load All Plugins" then save an launch. Once you are in the game, press 'X' to force a callout. If that does not work, try updating ragehook, scripthookv, and scripthookVdotnet. You can also try getting additional callout scripts.
  9. Make sure ragehook, scripthookv, and scripthookVdotnet are updated.
  10. I am in love with the model my dude! I know I haven't heard much from you in a great while, but glad to always see a model from you!
  11. I definitely dig it Matte! I'd suggest putting in red and white, or orange and red lights though. :)
  12. Dear @DevinKanMods, I do enjoy the vehicle a whole lot! I just would like to say thank you for contributing towards the community. However, it seems as if your side runner light emissive meshes are "popping" out a bit far from the base of the model. I would suggest checking out the LOD's for it. I also noticed how it is decked out... I would try just renaming this to "Christmas Tree". Other than that, you did a decent job with skinning, but mainly nice model! ~ officerpudding78
  13. Very hot models @Scuderio! Keep it up
  14. Ever since the day you came, your scripts have inspired us all, enhanced game-play, and even fixed the crappy aspects of default GTA. On this note, I like to thank you for you and your contributions you have provided for not just this community but other communities as well! I hope this stays a special day for you, and keep up the modding!
  15. This looks really good! I can't wait to see it released