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  1. Upcoming Pack Release - PPD - Garner, NC PD

    Paleto Police Department 2014 Dodge Charger, firmly based off Garner, NC Police.
  2. Police smart radio or patrol tool kit?

    I run both. I agree with you, I like how toolkit has the prior conviction history, etc. Much more realistic. I've been speaking with the creator of ComputerPlus+ and petitioning that he integrate a 'prior' database in his system. That would allow for you to just need to use ComputerPLus and then the smart radio. Instead of adding new features so many of these scriptures are just making different mods do the same thing in new ways haha... originality please.
  3. Sir @Albo1125 I have some duck tape, a few packs of packing bubbles or 'pop wrap' and some boxes to help you with the packaging of this new useful and amazing script :D --- Ready to "distribute" the hell out of it mate.
  4. 2014 Dodge Charger "Palm Bay Police Department"

    Yeah I know this was a direct department redemption and I get that. Just saying in the future you should offer the other rims as an option. The 'add on rims' available, the add on molar alloy rims by BxBugs are complete shit. They're so small... resembling a 16".... very off from the real size.
  5. 2014 Dodge Charger "Palm Bay Police Department"

    You should add an option for the nice Mopar rims by Carper/Fartkocker
  6. Los Santos Police [ELS] Highway Patrol Charger

    AMAZING.... CAR.... THANK YOU for adding the other Dodge Charger Rim option. The BXBUGS ones are shit. The lighting, overall design, interior quality... top of the line. Literally grinned when I saw this on the downloads page.
  7. Wait. He released a caprice?
  8. 2016 Blaine County Sheriff Tahoe [ELS]

    Please add some takedowns next time buddy. If you want to really be big time, also add some alley lights that independently function with ELS. #Realism
  9. LSPDFR Computer+

    Realism. Realism. This is what all G17 mods were created to be like... real police work. I love this most recent update. The ability to write traffic citations and arrest reports makes this game excel. You are a content creator that truly gets it. You are a creator that knows how to take LSPDFR and make it BETTER via your contribution. This script is amazing. You must download this if you call yourself a gamer, roleplayer, or general human being.
  10. LSPDFR Computer+

    The ability to write real traffic citations and arrest reports... god bless you... whoever you are... god bless you. You have given us realism. Thank you
  11. RockStar Update -- Current Mod Functionality

    Update: Download this @PolGuin255 This makes RDE work with the new update: https://www.gta5-mods.com/misc/gta-5-gameconfig-300-cars
  12. I'm wanting to start a dialogue and see what you all are running currently thats working and not crashing with the recent Rockstar Update and RAGe Plugin Update. With the new Scripthook, I'm crashing when trying to use RDE. Many of the overall plugins such as callouts and function scripts are causing LSPDFR to crash. I'm eagerly awaiting the Authors to update these, however I'm wanting to see what the pool out there is currently using that's working. Thanks,
  13. Mods folder and update

    After the new update, when I have the new version of Rage, LSPDFR and RD it crashes. I was able to isolate the crash for me down to RDE. EUP is stable I believe but RDE is throwing it for a loop. If you take a look at the RDE mod post under comments Jason I believe others have had this issue as well. I think once RDE is updated fully along with the gameconfig.xml things will be fixed.
  14. I just wanted to encourage you. This is looking great. This adds real detail to RP police work. Tickets, reports, etc would be great in the future. However, I look forward to seeing this first release!
  15. 2016 [ELS] Unmarked FPIS

    DAMN! Sexy. Please keep making models. Keep it up. This is amazing. This is your calling. Design quality, 10. Functionality, 10. Love it. Once again, may you be blessed with many goats. - Fancy