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  1. GTA IV No Longer Working

    Here we go again. After deleting all the script mods I had installed and deleting the AdvancedHookInit.asi (Which I followed the directions from this fourm: http://www.lcpdfr.com/forums/topic/29067-crash-on-game-startup-gta-iv-107-lcpdfr-10/ ) the game finally worked. Although when I go on duty, its slow to cycle through the player model select and some times freezes when switching to a player model. After playing with the cars and ELS. I decided to exit the game just to change the ELS Config of the vehicles because they had the coronas on and I wanted to turn them off. After changing the ELS Config files, its back to not starting up. After running "The Handy Dandy Tool", the LCPDFR Diagnostic Tool, the 'System Dependencies' is negative saying that the 'AdvancedHookInit (Optional) Not Found - ADVANCEDHOOTINIT.ASI is missing' and the Log Check is once again negative. "Its a revolving door of problems." - FattBoi
  2. GTA IV No Longer Working

    Well I fixed the problem on my own. Looks like for some reason I can't use latest versions of certain popular ENB's. Now that GTAIV actually starts is now a good sign.....WRONG!!! After logging into the social club and pressing "Start" in the GTAIV menu, the game always crashes. Its just one problem after another.
  3. GTA IV No Longer Working

    I decided to re-download GTAIV and LCPDFR after a year or so of not playing it. But after downloading LCPDFR Manual Installation and installing it, I was able to run GTA IV, but did not test to see if LCPDFR was installed correctly. I use the Diagnostic Tool after exiting GTAIV and it said everything was installed properly. To be on the safe side I downloaded .Net Framework 4.5 and Microsoft Visual C++ Redist 2012 just to make sure everything is up-to-date. Now when I go start GTAIV, it lets me log into social club but then that it. It shuts down GTAIV. I ran another diagnostics and the log check was the only thing that came back negative. I've uninstalled and re-installed LCPDFR and GTAIV. But getting the same problem. Also might add this is my first time playing GTAIV on Win 10. Diagnostics_22.10.2015_17_31_16.log
  4. LCPDFR Diagnostic Tool: Log Check

    Okay, well good news. My game finally works, with Eyecandy v3. I would prefer v6 but like I said, Its a no go.
  5. LCPDFR Diagnostic Tool: Log Check

    Well I fixed that problem. It was a script that I had installed. I don't know which one, but I no longer get the problem. Now my game crashes every time on start-up and that happened after I installed a ENB. I tried EyeCandy v6 and Game4video. I have use Game4video before and never had a problem.
  6. LCPDFR Diagnostic Tool: Log Check

    So let me ask this. Where can I find the mystery log?
  7. LCPDFR Diagnostic Tool: Log Check

    One guy says, 'It doesn't create a log if you never go on duty'. Another says there is a log. It seems like no one has any idea on what the hell is going on.
  8. LCPDFR Diagnostic Tool: Log Check

    I dosen't create a log, because I never start LCPDFR.
  9. LCPDFR Diagnostic Tool: Log Check

    Nothing worked still getting the same start up error LCPDFR.Loader. Why can't they upload 1.0c, because this is ridiculous, some versions work then an update come out then it no longer works and then you can't play LCPDFR anymore. Everytime there is an update, some peoples game goes straight to hell.
  10. LCPDFR Diagnostic Tool: Log Check

    OK. I will download a fresh manual LCPDFR and install that advancedhook. That didn't work either. I'm going to do a fresh install of everything and only install LCPDFR and no other mods. To check to see if its LCPDFR or another mod.
  11. LCPDFR Diagnostic Tool: Log Check

    Yes. I installed Game4Videos ENB installed. But I had it installed before, and it never did this. I did the manual installation first.
  12. LCPDFR Diagnostic Tool: Log Check

    Still saying the same thing. Here's a pic if it helps. GTAIV 2015-02-20 21-07-02-21.bmp
  13. So , I had to factory default my PC. So I go to re-install everything and when I run my Diagnostic Tool, everything but the Log Check is fine. I read another topic on this same issue, but it was from 2013. It said, to delete my LCPDFR.log and retry the installation check. I don't seem to have LCPDFR.log. I installed 1.0d_2 manually. I also read that this version of LCPDFR and vDH PoliiceHelper are not compatible. I have no idea whats going on. Diagnostics_19.2.2015_21_53_49.log

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