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  1. LSPDFR Announcement + Preview

    Glad to see the official announcement. looking forward to it.
  2. Please stop that camera focusing on an event

    agreed an option in the ini files would be nice.
  3. That is something that occurs however in real time. I have had many a chase when I was a deputy where people did u-turns and even slow pursuits and headed directly to their own homes etc. perps tend to think if they head home during a chase "everything is gonna be alright"
  4. Besides the crashing, loving the 1.0 version. has made for some very good action & fun times. Here's a short example of the fun I have had. http://www.twitch.tv/dreydus/c/3492133
  5. Favorite team?

    Huge Steelers fan here Since I was basically a very young child. College is anyone playing Ohio St that day etc. great job MSU and Clemson.

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