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  1. DevinTheShepard

  2. DevinTheShepards Videos

  3. Blaine County's Finest

    Awesome Pack! I would love to use these in one of my YouTube videos.
  4. DevinTheShepards Videos

  5. DevinTheShepards Videos

    Latest LSPDFR Video. Featuring a Highway Patrol Motorcycle.
  6. Identity Crisis

    Which graphics mod did you use..? If you dont mind me asking?
  7. Any good, cheap gaming laptops?

    Hey, Under 500? Probably not going to happen for a gaming laptop with the ability to run GTAV (at least well enough for LSPDFR). I would save some more and then you may have a few solid choices. I would look into desktop PCs but even then they'll (most likely) be more than 500. Best of Luck, PS: I'm not a PC expert and anything I said should be taken with a grain of salt...
  8. My WIP thread.

    Well Whelen Engineering Co. is the company that designs and manufacturers the liberty....?
  9. Lets get real now.

    All these "police car experts"...they look similar in body style so people call them explorers. Honestly, it doesn't matter as long as we all understand they're talking about the FPIUs.
  10. BCSD 2011 Ford Crown Victoria P7B

    He's probably referring to this although they're all based off of Adams County.
  11. Pechanga Tribal Ranger Tahoe (WIP) mini pack

    Awesome! I wonder where you got that idea from... ;)
  12. Campus visit

    Maybe if you didn't blur it out? Can't see anything with this stupid blurring.
  13. BCSO and Uniform

    Nice! Awesome work & I look forward to it being released. (If it is released..hopefully)

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