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  1. LSPDFR 0.3 - Backup Customization

    aw yiss can't wait for this :^)
  2. AI cops shooting cuffed suspects

    I have the problem too, seems like cops are set to attack the suspect and never told by the game to stop attacking, regardless of being arrested. hopefully it's fixed sometime soon, still waiting on a few updates before I play anyways. I'm sure they know about it.
  3. -snip-

    yeah it seems people are having issues with said site, reported it as false positive cause its used throughout many sites (including twitch apparently). I guess i'll just wait for now so nevermind then, sorry
  4. Crazy Callouts!

    literally this. It hopefully is noted and fixed in a future update to ensure once they are arrested they stop shooting. I can get armed and shooting suspects to surrender, most of the time but that doesnt matter if they get shot to death while in handcuffs by the officers on scene. maybe it can be triggered via Crazy callouts, the dev would have to add something that calls when someone is arrested using his plugin.
  5. Crazy Callouts!

    I've always had said issue, with lspdfr. I think its a bug with the mod itself, but I don't know. Its just 99% impossible to arrest armed suspects, which is hopefully improved on. The only way I've been successful is ordering them to surrender before they start shooting or aim their gun (or see you at all). If any cops are shooting at them and they surrender, they'll still be shot up. overall, i've taken a break from lspdfr until the next version. I'd like to see some more core features and whatever other cool ideas they come up with before I play, right now its an early version.
  6. Casual handcuff animation?

    Yeah it'd be cool to have this as an alternative arrest animation for less serious offenses.
  7. Dashcam V

    Pretty neat. Could definitely be more centered, or to the right. on a side note, amazing how much shit changed from the two games.
  8. Along with an option to arrest people through the ped interaction menu, animations such as the ones below should be used, instead of the whole getting on their knees and all that for such minor offenses. I was unaware these existed, one of the various PoliceMods featured on gta5-mods has such and it looks pretty organized and maybe not as "choppy" Just take a look. Hmm... Just thought this was interesting.
  9. Peds freak out after arrest

    To add on, this happens with fellow officers as well. It seems they come off of the "effect" or control of LSPDFR, and stop being controlled by it, i guess the game thinks they are normal peds and obviously pointing a gun at them would cause them to freak out and run. I've never had the issue with arrested peds, but It may be a related issue with LSPDFR's AI and GTA itself, as said before fighting for control over it. I'm sure it will be worked on over time as the AI are tweaked. I do hope this is a feature regardless, maybe even a more casual hands behind the back handcuff animation (if one is ever found) instead of always having them get on their knees, it would make more of roleplay scenarios. Im sure the ped interaction menu will be added onto and maybe have an arrest feature added to it.
  10. Call in an ambulance ?

    Calling for fire/ambulances isn't a feature yet. Will be implemented in some future version.