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  1. McAwesome Pics!

    This Is For Non RBRP Related Pictures.
  2. Libertyville PD *FICTIONAL*

    Dayum! Glad to see you're still at it -- and killing it I might add!
  3. Ford E450 Ambulance Skin Pack

    Yessssss. Some more Minnesota based skins in the community <3 Well done! Really digging the look of the maple leaf design.
  4. LSPDFR Computer+ Background Texture

    As I said before, I couldn't care less. Looks good.
  5. LSPDFR Computer+ Background Texture

    Yeah whomever's video you saw was using mine.
  6. LSPDFR Computer+ Background Texture

    I made one exactly like this, but I made it a different version of windows. You're fine, I don't care, just wanted to let ya know :P
  7. LSPDFR Computer+ Background Texture

    Looks familiar.. :P
  8. MoreRadioChatter

    It needs to be made unlisted for us to view it.
  9. Waiting.

    So sexxxy! <3
  10. 2017 Ford F150 Raptor with HD interior

    Why is Hurk being brought into this? He's contributed quite a few high quality models, and gives extensive credits.
  11. Another normal night in LS

    That damn pattern is sexxxxxxxxxx. Great job, buddy.
  12. You go to where I said then you change it to BottomLeft ......
  13. 4k Washington - San Andreas State Patrol Pack

    I've been using in my game for the past two weeks and I absolutely love them. Would be awesome if you expanded these to Bugs' vic!
  14. Grand Theft Auto V\Plugins\SirenMastery\Config\UIConfig - UI Position to whatever you like.
  15. Hey! Still loving this mod, it's your best IMO, and you've made some other great stuff. Is there anyway for you to make it so when you press the force siren key only the siren stops playing, but the lights stay on. I believe it was in a previous version, but when I updated this morning that wasn't the case anymore, now the siren and lights turn off. It just makes running code 2 (lights only siren @ intersections) easier.

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