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  1. GTA V crashs at LSPDFR random event

    Didn't work? It was just an option.
  2. [ELS] Los Santos Police Vanilla Pack - Final

    I would love it!
  3. [ELS] Los Santos Police Vanilla Pack - Final

    @NefariousBonne Do you know which lightbar would look awesome on the vanilla cars? (Is this maybe an option for further development?) This one:
  4. GTA V crashs at LSPDFR random event

    You should try this: - completly deinstall GTA V - delete every part of plugins, LSPDFR and anything else - defragment your device - install GTA V - download the newest plugins of albo1125 and install them Then maybe it will work. I've tried it myself and now the game seems to be much more stable.
  5. GTA V crashs at LSPDFR random event

    Unfortunately there was no response till now
  6. GTA V crashs at LSPDFR random event

    Okay i tried to contact him on Discord. Thanks for the advice.
  7. GTA V crashs at LSPDFR random event

    Maybe it could be one option if you install the newest Albo1125.Common For me it was a little improvement ^^ because i could play a few minutes longer until it crashed. Unfortunately i do not know how to contact Albo1125 because there was no response to my pm.
  8. Yes I've seen them. Looks good. There is an Texas DPS car pack in Progress? Sounds great! I'm curious about that. Any informations which cars will be included?
  9. A while ago i also made an Texas DPS based SA DPS Uniform.. so where is the problem? Different versions also mean different Options As i can see on the pictures for me the Uniforms look differnt. One Shirt looks more grey beige and another looks is more brown beige.
  10. Currently i'm working on a authentic Texas DPS Uniform for the sheriff ped. I've searched on google for some draft picture and i found so many different versions of their uniforms. Maybe you know which one suits in the most time? Here are some examples I've found:
  11. Of course it will. On default police vehicles it looks awesome. Attached you can find some examples. A little advice: i'm also using the "darker night" mod. It's just a little sweetfx mod which also give the lights an bigger contrast.
  12. Did you also try the custom visuals mod? It gives you a larger radius for all emergency lights. I love this one because patroling feels now much more realistic. Radiance V is also an good option to make your lights brighter like OfficerMcNa said but this edits only the visualsettings.data Custom Visuals also edit the carols.data which gives you the advantages i mentioned above.I think this would be a good mix.
  13. Supernatural Skin Pack

    Great idea! Especially the Blaine County version Just could need some improvements in the future. The Stripes of the cvpi in the rear need to be a little higher. Then it would fit better. Keep it up buddy!
  14. Hey, i have a annoying problem with my LSPDFR. I'm useing several scripts like Albo1125's traffic policer and LSPDFR+ (Screenshot attached) My game is up to date and i've installed the newest RPH 0.52 Every time when i play LSPDFR and a random event from traffic policer (that's my suspicion) happens, my game crashes. Then RPH gives me a crashreport and i really don't know why it this always happens. Maybe you guys can help me to figure out what's wrong? Thank you in advance.
  15. [ELS] Los Santos Police Vanilla Pack - Final

    Look's good! Keep it up. But maybe it would give the car a little retro look without the LED's ;-) just my opinion Or a vector lightbar would be awesome!

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