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  1. Hello, Sorry if this is the wrong section... But when ever I get into a pursuit and change the siren the car that I am chasing decides to go stright and speeds up! Is there any way to fix this? Thanks in advance!
  2. Liberty City Police Pack

    Yeah I was trying to fix the handling for the 2 chargers but if I put a handling line that was fit for the cars... It would be so much worse.. I'll see what I can do. And definitely more lights!! ;)
  3. Liberty City Police Pack

    Version Beta


    Hey guys! I've been wanting to release a Police Pack for a while.. I've been spending almost night and day on it I've stayed up til almost 5am trying make sure everything was the same and good looking. YOUTUBE VIDEO I know the pack looks like a civilian brought a bunch of cop car looking vehicles and attached lightbars and some pushbars to them but I wanted to get something out there and get suggestions from you guys on what to update before I go in and add more lights and cop car looking equipment... Haha alright that's enough of me blabbing.. Enjoy guys! :) NOTE: THE HANDLING LINE FOR BOTH CHARGERS IS "OK" the back likes to fishtale sometimes What's coming up next? • Unmarked Cruiser • In-Car Radar System • Better Handling Let me know what else I should put into the cars.
  4. Ford F-150 United States Coast Guard

    No Problem man! haha I felt like I was missing something before I compiled it!! Thanks! I will add that! Also thanks for checking out my video's ;)
  5. Version 1.0.0


    Hello everyone! I have been wanting to get more advice from everyone and I've been looking into joining the Coast Guard so I thought.. why not do something a little unique? I still want to add more to this truck.. I was looking at some pictures of the Coast Guards patrol vehicle and there isn't much to them.. I also skinned the truck.. I had a lot of fun making this truck.. What else can I add to it or what edits should I make? Thanks! If you want to use this for a clan please ask me first and it will be no problem. Please do not re-upload this anywhere else with out my permission. YouTube Video! Credits: -----Ford F-150 Truck -Credits: - Model converted and edited from DSF by GeorgieMoon. - Rims by Vertex3D, textures by Heisenburg. -----Whlen Liberty - Whelen Liberty SX modeled & mapped by KevinDV Glass changed to glass from KevinDVs Whelen EDGE 9M. (To make the glass coloured) Lightbar edited by Mattesolo to make it coloured -----Center Console + Laptop -Console scratch made by SheriffVanDyck -Radio, coffee cup and walkie talkie by Rockstar Games -Textures by SheriffVanDyck -WT and CoffeeCup from R*Games -----BackRack CREDITS -Back Rack from Sketchup converted to GTA IV by Lildunkboi

    Living in Connecticut.. those cars look good. But they say "State Police" in the middle of the light bar and they are starting to add more lights on the top of the windshield. and that Lightbar looks a little small for the Crown Vic..
  7. Branford Police Department

    Alright. It looks pretty good on there.. I think.. ;) Thanks for the Feed back tho.
  8. GTAIV 2016-06-21 19-04-36-32.png

    Thanks Bud!
  9. First time skinning and Modeling

    I am now starting to get into modeling.. and skinning.. more of the modeling part.. I suck at skinning.. show some of it off here.. I would love it if you gave me some feed back on some of the stuff.

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