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  1. Paleto Bay - EUP Retexture

    12/6 good work budrow!
  2. Gunner9213's LSPDFR Style Videos

  3. Gunner9213's LSPDFR Style Videos

  4. Gunner9213's LSPDFR Style Videos

  5. Gunner9213's LSPDFR Style Videos

    Swat Callouts:
  6. Gunner9213's LSPDFR Style Videos

    SA Cops [Paleto Bay]:
  7. Social Club Login Failed

    Is there any hope in sight? "Social Club Login Failed"
  8. security gaurd callouts?

    I would love to see more calls like this. Actual police work. Not every call is a code 3 balls to the wall call.
  9. GTA V RP

    Pictures from my RP account https://twitter.com/LSPD_B_Dover Follow it for more updates!

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