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  1. New Update for GTA Online

    I have a back up in Rage. But he dont want revent my backup?
  2. New Update for GTA Online

    LOL... I did a Backup . RPH asked: "Should we revent the backup?" (revent?) and after this nothing works... "Not supported game version"... I have a back up of 1.0573.1 but he did not activate it.
  3. GTA5 crashes after modding

    Helllo, everything worked fine till I placed the GUI Checkpoint (http://www.lcpdfr.com/files/file/8396-gta-5-dui-checkpoint/). I installed it correctly. But now the game crashes when I click on story mode and says that the game files are defect ("not working"?) . Please restart or install new. I don't want to install 7 CDs xD Someone have an idea? I deleted all files. But he dont want start correctly (the game)
  4. GTA 5 DUI Checkpoint

    Where are the XML Files for the first three checkpoints?
  5. GTA 5 DUI Checkpoint

    There are no XML for the first three checkpoints.... please add it :( ? But great mod!
  6. What is the name of the plugin which has random "callouts" like a driver which has a mobile phone on his ear ?
  7. [LSPDFR] Error?

    I have the same issue. Now I downgraded it to V0.20 but he don't show me the RPH-console. :/ All mods are up2date.
  8. After update no start possible?

    Hahaha oh my gosh. :D Thank you dude! :) It works!
  9. After update no start possible?

    Hello! After I updated today my GTA5 (i played longer the LSPDFR0.2a without updating gta5) and LSPDFR (to 0.2b) I can't start my game andymore. It's the newest version of RagePluginHook (I downloaded it seperatly from the official RPH-website), LSPDFR and GTA5. In the log of RPH isn't no new entry about the start AFTER the updating of the GTA5.
  10. LSPDFR 0.2b crashing

    Hey :) But why have so many people this issue?
  11. LSPD First Response 0.2a Update

    Is the new update (0.2b) compatible with the new gta update?
  12. thank you bro! no problem but thanks for the answer!! :)
  13. What is this for a mod?

    Whats the name of this mod ? Is this a mod ? The "Wanted" text in the right corner of the video... ??
  14. Whats the name of the mod which shows "WANTED" in the right corner of this video?

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