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  1. Spotlight

    this mod dont work ?????
  2. San Andreas State Police (RI, SP Based)

    nice not bad but you have to get the right models RISTP dont use taurus or newer explorers my friend here my little flee including some cranston pd
  3. Modern Siren Pack

    yea i was just about to say this rename it as " AMBULANCE_WARNING" and on the els ini copy and paste this <ManTone1 AllowUse="true" AudioString="VEHICLES_HORNS_AMBULANCE_WARNING" /> whas the only way i could get it to work
  4. Modern Siren Pack

    lol that what im trying to figure out i think you have to use siren mastery but not sure
  5. any possibility on seeing 2013 chargers and slicktops with the alloy wheels
  6. [ELS] 2011 Ford P71 Interceptor - LSPD (w/ Valor)

    any possibility you can make this car but with the hubcaps lmao me too like this is the only cars sooo far i seeing that have working spotlight and take dows KUDOS to you Pricefield keep them coming
  8. Modern Siren Pack

    how would you install the manual siren i want to use Whelen 295HFSC9 Siren the manual one with the factory siren this pack comes with ???? does any body know how can i get the manual tone to work ???? or do i need to use SirenMastery
  9. [ELS] 2011 Ford P71 Interceptor - LSPD (w/ Valor)

    niceee keep them coming, any explorers ????
  10. it was released at some point but it got taken out not sure why but at lease i got one :)
  11. RI & MA Police FPIU

    any body working on a ford explorer yet whit the hub caps if not can someone please make a mark and unmark please and thank you
  12. LSPD Pack [ELS]

    that is the only thing that batters me o0o0 and no traffic adv but i guest i can deal with it for now other then that 5/5
  13. Simple Trainer

    o0o0o0o0 yes thanks once again man
  14. LSPD Pack [ELS]

    are those things that go on the push bar optional or can they be remove
  15. (ELS) 2013 Slicktop Chevrolet Tahoe

    does it have rambar