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  1. Mdt/mdc [Released]

    Service Update: 11/03/2016 - LCPDFRHQ should be returning to full service in the next 4-6 hours, sorry for the downtime.

    Thanks Original Light! Err0r034 and anyone else following the topic, I really do apologize that I have not posted updates or released the newest MDT/MDC site. Unfortunately, real life has been extremely busy and I have not been able to devote the time to the community/site as I wish I could. The site does work and will be out soon. I am hoping to get it down prior to the end of the year or early 2017. Although, it can be sooner just really depends on work and other involvements I have outside of programming. I will reach out and get some testers as soon as possible and you guys should be happy with the little things I changed and did different with this version. Thanks again for the support and hopefully see you guys soon!
  3. Already have the latest installed
  4. same issue, updated everything and then I get an LSPD error for LSPD First Response: Exception message: Attempted to read or write protected memory. This is often an indication that other memory is corrupt. I have plenty of RAM and everything, not sure why it keeps crashing.

    It has been awhile and I apologize for the lack of updates, life has been filled with surprises and new obstacles. First off, I finally got the vehicle database completed 100% (types, classes, vehicle info), working on building the street index and more of the database options. From there I will generate all the wonderful citizens of Los Santos. I wanted to know what some of our current users would like to see in the next release of the MDT/MDC? how would it make it more like a community? We have the chat and the streaming feed but how else can we improve? There is also a possibility that we will be launching a windows based desktop application, clans can setup and have their different roles and play from their desktops rather than their web browser. It is a thought but the site and desktop application would be streamlined and work along side each other. Feel free to post what type of incident types you might want to see added or removed from the existing MDT. I am open for suggestions and will be taking some beta testers in the future for the next system. Don't worry if you have tested the original LCPDFRHQ you will be invited to join the LSFRHQ testing as well.

    Development has been moving along just like the New Year and the winter weather! I am going to be asking for some help from the community to a little insight to the role-playing on the side of EMS/FD. The new system may contain some cross over but I would like to have some feedback into CALLTYPES, REPORTS THAT ARE COMPLETED etc. If you feel like you can assist or would want to. Then please feel free to respond to the thread or send me a private message either here or on the LCPDFR-HQ site. Thanks again and hope you all have had a GREAT start to the NEW YEAR!

    12/30/2015 UPDATE - FIRST OFF... happy new year to everyone and hope the holidays are going well.... at this time here are the updates I have for the community. THE DEVELOPMENT WILL BEGIN EARLY JANUARY, unfortunately my work schedule and recent real world events have slowed the pace of development for the next installment of my MDT so I have no solid date for a release, beta, or anything like that. Secondly, I will not release my source code for the system but I will build custom systems for clans. The multiplayer/clan interface WILL BE A MAJOR feature in the LSPDFR system. Unlike the GTA IV MDT we have turned down that development for the time being to make way fr LSPDFR but we will get that launched hopefully by the summer of this new year. For now that is all I have for you, if you are in the LEO community be safe and remember every shift is a good shift no matter what as long as you make it home to your family and friends. Stay sharp and keep your eyes open! Be safe!
  8. Mdt/mdc [Released]

    Introducing MDT/MDC NightMode, COMING SOON!
  9. Mdt/mdc [Released]

    Update released to the MDT/MDC earlier this afternoon, introducing the "CopShare" Inquiry tool. You can now view the cad incidents and reports from other users of the MDT/MDC and Record Management System. Attached below are a few screenshots from the new release.
  10. All you have to do is go to rarlabs and download the latest version of WinRAR. That should solve your issue.

    I have received a handful of votes here and a number of private messages on the existing MDT site. I am most likely going to start development of the new CAD, but I am looking for community input. The current version is a single player roleplaying environment that has automated dispatching (random callout, not in game).... The user also has the ability to launch the MDT chat to talk with other users but cannot be attached or view the users active calls. Keep the Single-player roleplaying with automated dispatching as it is now....? BUT..... I came across a few community members who expressed their interest in a format similar to the original (not old) version of the MDT created by Braveheart. Where it was a MDT/MDC for ANY online user and it even had somewhat of a court structure associated with it as well. Do we have enough users interested in being a part of the court system? AND... What are the roles that the community members like to take on? Such as dispatcher or police officer? Maybe something else? Although this would not be a CLAN "multiplayer" setup, it would have multiple users able to view and respond to a call, however, this would require that a dispatcher be staffed on the MDT at all times to attach and clear responding units. OR.... There are so many other MDT/MDC sites out there that no one could careless what I do and whatever is created is created and that is that....I can do that as well and let whoever wants to use it use it and be done with it. I appreciate everyone's time in advance and your comments. Feel free if you wish to share more privately to send me a message, take care.

    Should I take the time to design/start development on a new MDT/MDC for GTA V / LSPDFR? or Not? If you have suggestions on what if should include let me know here. I will make an announcement here on Monday, October 26th, 2015, give the poll sometime. If I get enough interest and decide to take on the project, no yelling and/or complaining that it is taking forever. I am not getting paid and I am doing this to help enhance/expanded your role-playing experience, remember that.
  13. Mdt/mdc [Released]

    UPDATE: 10/19/2015 So things have been busy over the last several months, most of the time I have been spending with family as the summer is usually busy with many activities and events. Here is a little update to some recent things going on with the MDT/MDC System. AS OF OCTOBER 2015 I WILL NOT BE DEVELOPING THE EMS/FD CAD SYSTEMS FOR GTA IV. I have not received enough interest in a standalone CAD system for those entities. Lastly, I have started some more development on the GTA IV multiplayer (clan/roleplaying experience) attached is a screen from the redesigned MDT/MDC Screen which will change more times as it becomes more developed. There is no date at this time for a release, we will be utilizing our testing group once completed and will open it to clans as soon as we have all the bugs worked out. As always you can feel free to respond here or send me a private message and I will get back to you as soon as I am able to.
  14. Mdt/mdc [Released]

    Will be releasing the MDT chat "LiveStream" in a few days, If you are a user and would like a sneak peak feel free to pm me and I will add you to the access list.