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  1. Robbinsville Township Police Department Pack

    Being from nj these are amazing. Just put them in my game and had to close out and write this because of how amazing really. Not only is the car itself on point, but this is the first charger ive ever downloaded that has the correct brake lights and taillights. 10/10 seriously, be awesome if you added some more cars that they use
  2. LCPDFR 1.1 doesnt work, load, no console, etc SOS

    Problem solved, thanks for the help and interest Unit607 + matt1008 for the pm attempts
  3. CPD CVPI w/ Lighting

    you should probably check out @‌propel's cpd models then
  4. LCPDFR 1.1 doesnt work, load, no console, etc SOS

    I checked the launch gta ic properties and the compatability was set to service pack 2 windows xp I thought that was weird (never checked before) so I set to to windows 7 what I run and still notta tried running els nothing, no scripts load either.. does this possibly have something to do with Norton anti virus? never had a issue before though
  5. LCPDFR 1.1 doesnt work, load, no console, etc SOS

    I am on 1.1 now and its still nothing. im not too sure why its doing it, cant even bring up the console (`) in game its like its non existant. started doing this after I installed a vehicle pack but I already backed up and replaced those files.
  6. Robbinsville Township Police NJ Pack

    finally some more jersey cruisers!!!
  7. LCPDFR 1.1 doesnt work, load, no console, etc SOS

    Good news is the first mod I installed that actually worked was the google maps mod, I tried putting in 1st person and radar script and nothing. asi or scripthook problem? im going thru lcpdfr withdrawl lol
  8. LCPDFR 1.1 doesnt work, load, no console, etc SOS

    it started doing it with1.0d and I tried re doing it and still didn't work so I re installed gta itself and lcpdfr also and it still isn't loading up
  9. Liberty Metro Pack

    private use, or for a clan?
  10. Wont start up at all. Cannot even bring up the console (typing `) ran the tool and it states everything is there and should work properly and this is the log I got from the tool I had this working for like 3 years and now this lol. SOS !! Diagnostics_5.8.2015_23_41_7.log
  11. Liberty Metro Pack

  12. lcpdfr non- existint?

    I attempted to download a full vehicle pack and I always back up files. I put in the vehicles and no other mods worked, lcpdfr, first person, trainer, and other misc scripts. I removed the vehicles and put back the old vehicles (pc->models->cdimages->vehicles) and still nothing, even remade a folder and reinstalled all mods and scripts, still nothing. don't even get the menu from the ` button (top left corner) any ideas?
  13. Want to play MP right now?

    Sounds good bud, about to be a cop so I can do realistic ;)
  14. North Liberty Hill Police Pack

    You need els 8.5 to get lights to work
  15. North Liberty Hill Police Pack

    they keep getting better and better, gonna try these later when I can play. hope I can run em

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