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  1. Smoke break...

    Looks really good
  2. LSSD

    This is Los Santos ............ We all know better that Deputy is trying to creep up to push him off the ledge and the other deputy is reaching for his gun to shoot him.
  3. Possible Future Pack

    Maybe try blue instead of the red? or at least darken the red? Font and design is great as is.
  4. City Hall

    So fucking hot......
  5. Rockin' a new FPIU

    The original, main picture you uploaded, is hot as shit.
  6. Coolio

  7. Trouble in Rancho

    Very good job on the design. Love the way it is. Fictional or Based off an IRL dept?
  8. Not Finished By Far...

    Red on the rear sticks out too much. Maybe somehow incorporate the front and rear together with the red and blue.
  9. What is love?

    NO MORE! .......... I broke the window again
  10. 14 Charger

    Why are Setina Pit Extensions on a GoRhino?
  11. For anyone wondering, "Alex" is Alexander Blade. Remember ScripthookV? That's him, for the one's who kept asking.
  12. idol

    You're adopted...
  13. Hunting buddies Suggestions

    Keep the old font, but move the lower stripe on the door higher. Move the bottom of the stripe to the bottom of the doors. It being on the side skirt is weird.
  14. Something like that

    No problem at all. Just wanted to let you know right.