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  1. And the politicians, who shouldnt even have been invited.
  2. No, none of them can attend. Of course you will have your higher ranking officers attending, such as Sgt., Lt., ect. Not to mention that they will have ESU on scene and on buildings and staked out throughtout the event, along with other agencies. Sorry double post, my edit ran out of time... Quick edit, of course they all won't be able ot fit at ground 0, but a certain amount of the officers and firefighters who actually saved some lifes during 9/11 would not be attending the event, not because they want to, because the mayor told them no. As well, im not saying that all of them should be there, that would be a bit crazy having all the officers, firefighters at one location, and then next thing you know there is a bomb threat on the other side of where they are at, i was just implying that it's a very strict rule the mayor said and not many of them can attend, which would mean alot too some of them if they could be there.
  3. VERY SAD!: New York City Policemen & Firefighters are "NOT INVITED" to the 10th Anniversary of 9/11, at Ground Zero. The Mayor claims "there isn't room for them".... As sad enough as it is, they weren't "invited" on that fateful day in 2001 either.... THEY JUST SHOWED UP, AND DID THEIR JOB! ♥ I am very irrate that the Mayor would make that call, alot of people are going and are already going to be pissed off at this person.
  4. ha, yeah i have actually seen that one as i was replacing my police maverick with a coast guard heli.
  5. Auto-Select Checkboxes

    I know that your looking for something else but i use a program called "RoboForm" that fills in all that annoying information such as: first name, last name, street address, date of birth, zip code, ect. I use that plugin for surveys, just thought i would share that.
  6. why youtube, why?

    some people are into some pretty crazy things in this world we live in.
  7. & do you have the correct script hook, and a asi loader? && what version of LCPDFR Ah seen that you said that as i was typing.
  8. XBL Gaming

    most of my gaming is on the computer, so not really.
  9. oh i was talking about something way diffrent, a feature that could be added later on in development, i know whathe is talking about, that should clear it up, ^^
  10. My First Reskin!

    Looks nice for a first reskin my friend! :thumbsup:
  11. And you enter the home of the domestic call? ethier im confused about what i said or we both are.. :wacko:
  12. Yep, and sounds like they should be thinking about getting more staff, not to mention the 200 some staff they alreay have just to sit back and make the site look pretty.(sarcasm) :happy:
  13. SA in IV mod

    I should try to test this as well if and when i get to it.
  14. XBL Gaming

    Don't have to be rude at all, the other two people posted above you replied to this, Please don't get upset over little tiny thing. Maybe next time on your first post looking for players, just ask that people who would like to join you to only post comments. I have a xbox 360 and a computer and i do enjoy them both. Last quote, above, says all. Don't take this is the wrong way and get serious about it.
  15. Yeah now thinking about it... "someone said above well can't you just make two peds attack each other" It got me to start thinking that most domestic calls are between a female and male, so it should be scriped more on male and female and sometimes have a same sex domestic call that dosen't happen as much. Another thing i was thinking about was if the beta has a police station that you can enter, then maybe when you respond to a domestic call, some buildings can be intergrated to enter just like the police station, and you can go in and decide who should go to jail.
  16. My first gameplay video with audio commentary

    ROFL, he did delete it, i came to his post and watched the video and replied to it, and i come back to check for some comments and then he deletes it. lols thats funny :rolleyes:
  17. I would have to admit i have many odd .txt files in my documents folder as well
  18. That's nice to know, thanks for sharing that,im going to save that in notepad for the future just incase someone was ever wondering about the setting on the xbox. -Kate
  19. Is steam slower?

    Upside of steam is that all of the games that you buy are tied to your account, as others have said above. Plus i like steam some what becuase of the communnity chat you can go into and maybe find some people in the chat to play multiplayer. Ohh and one of my fav features of steam is the in game browser, say your stuck in a game or want to do a glich you can just go to the browser and type in youtube without having to minimize. -Kate
  20. My first gameplay video with audio commentary

    LOL @ 3:13 you shoot a civilian. Goodjob with the first video! -Kate
  21. XBL Gaming

    Who needs a xbox when you got a computer. (Joke) :smile:
  22. Need a siren! Woot!

    Glad i could help! -Kate
  23. Need a siren! Woot!

    Try this one.. Just uploaded.. http://www.megaupload.com/?d=RQ2I4F1K No need for above link if everything is working now! -Kate

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