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  1. Would it be allowed to use some of the ped/vehicle models on a FiveM server?
  2. LATEST Script Hook V (for 757.4) still crashes game on loading

    I fixed it, it ended up being that it wasn't loading old ones or something, so I just reinstalled the new ones and it worked.
  3. Update "mods" folder for latest patch?

    Open up your update.rpf with OpenIV, hit edit, and it should tell you what you need to do.
  4. LATEST Script Hook V (for 757.4) still crashes game on loading

    I'm assuming you use the OpenIV 'mods folder' feature. If so, open up your update.rpf in OpenIV and hit the 'edit' button and it should give you a prompt at the top to re-copy the new update.rpf. All you have to do to fix it it hit the button it prompts you to. That should fix the crashing problem, however, I can't get the new ScripthookV to load any of my ASIs...at least not the openiv.asi that allows the mods folder.
  5. FlyUs Police Skin For Impala

  6. FDLC Seagrave Marauder 2

  7. New Ped Models Pack

  8. LCPD/SO Skin Pack

  9. CPD Chrysler 300

    Is this still in the works?
  10. Children in GTA, what's your opinion?

    In GTA as it is now, I would have to say no. The GTA mechanics and style wouldn't really be changed by kids, so why add them? I could somewhat see them in a game more like Red Dead Redemption where your character had morals and crimes carried over, so there were consequences for your actions in the long run; that being said, I will not be disappointed if children do not make an appearance in the next Red Dead. It might be cool if they were included in the GTA series in a limited style, similar to that of the Fallout series, but I do not think that children should just be roaming around the streets only to be run over. What I mean by this is characters in the story being children, mainly, your characters children. That would add an interesting spin on the story.
  11. If there's anyone who has a some-what negative view of the Detroit Police Department, I hope this video changes your mind. This awesome act happened yesterday. I have a feeling this has happened before, but I've never heard of it until now. http://www.myfoxdetroit.com/story/24598895/9-year-old-cancer-patient-named-detroit-police-chief-for-the-day

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