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  1. Requesting KSP (Kentucky State Police) pack

    The caprice and cvpi have federal signal legends
  2. Rotating bar issues.

    Make sure the siren dummies are in the center of the rotator, that is the spinning axis.
  3. Model Issue - Dodge Ram 3500

    The problem is with the shaders. I don't remember which one it is, it may be using the grey texture, but the shader is messed up. I fixed it by switching it to an interior2 shader, but you can make it mesh if you want dirt.
  4. Whelen Avenger AVN2LRRB

  5. Indiana State Police Tahoe.

    Can you relink the photos? They appear to be broken.
  6. Looking for modelers for a GTA 4 Mega pack

    I would love to help out.
  7. creating a car on gta 4

    Can you provide pictures of what it looks like in: zmod, openiv, and game?
  8. creating a car on gta 4

    Do you have the textures in OpenIV?
  9. What are you trying to edit into what?
  10. L1 issues need fixing..

    That is true but if you don't know how to create lower poly versions then this method works. It's what I use on my models and they're always stable.
  11. L1 issues need fixing..

    If it's unlocked, load the model/textures in Zmod. In Select -> By Name, type _L1. Click show all in the hierarchy and delete them. Then Select -> By Name, type _L0. Create -> Copy. Rename the new _L0's to _L1. Export and enjoy.
  12. McDermott Highriser Dummies

    I just got custom highrisers from a friend.
  13. Fed Sig Street Hawk (Miami Dade PD style)

    No sorry, I just do mine based off of a non-els bar already set up with rotators