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  1. Emergency Lighting System IV

    Love the mod! Does anyone know how to speed up the lights though? I know I need to edit a .ini file but what part? Thanks
  2. Detective Character & Clothes 3.5

    were did u get that unmarked bmw in the thumbnail????
  3. I Can play GTA IV fine on single player, but as soon as i go on multiplayer i get a glitch saying i've been disconnected for running too slow, it just puts me back to single player. Is this computer OK because i normally dont get problems. Here are my specs: Op System: Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit 6.1, Build 7600 System Model: imedia S3720 Processor: Intel Celeron CPU E3200 @2.40GHz (2 PCUs) ~2.4GHz Memory: 4096 MB RAM Page File: 1543MB Used, 3652MB avalable Graphics: ATI Radeon HD 4650 Approx. Total Memory: 2809MB
  4. Braveheart's Policing Script

    sign this guy up to make LCPDFR!
  5. LCPD/SO Skin Pack

    someones been busy, gonna download them!

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