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About Me

Due to the fact I am finished school, and I do need to earn some money, I will be occasionally taking breaks from LCPDFR.

Sometimes they might be a few days, other times maybe a few weeks.

I will still do my best to release some more vehicles when I can, and I will visit to check PMs.

But as of August 25/2014 I will be decreasing my online time, and be focusing more on things outside of GTA IV, LCPDFR, etc.

If I ever decide to permanently quit GTA IV, LCPDFR, etc. it will be said in the About Me section on my profile.


Please Note: I do not take vehicle or texture requests at this time.

Please note, the following sites are currently where I release my content:

- LCPDFR.com

- LCPDMods (GTA Mods DB) - Offline

- GTA Mod Shop - Offline


Knight Rider - Code Two Modifications © Copyright 2014 - 2017


The following people are allowed to release MODs under the Code Two Modifications name:

- Knight Rider Info/ KN1IGHT


My Crime Statistics are from both LCPDFR 0.95 RC2and LCPDFR 1.0D



GTA Online/ Social Club Name (GTA V): GamerPaul101
GFWL Name (GTA IV): GamerPaul101
Wanna keep up with my life?  ----> My Blog - My Twitter - My Instagram
I started the blog a while ago (March 12/2017), because I did a random audio recording using the Sound Recorder feature on my PC, to just "get out" how I was feeling at the time (was good at that time), & decided to start typing it out. I've also tried doing a blog in the past, but just couldn't "commit" to making at least one post everyday, giving a summary of the day (similar to Vlogs), but with recent things happening in my life, & feeling what I've been feeling, I started posting basically everyday, starting around March 23/2017. I also started the blog to do small "reviews" on things such as airsoft gear, guns, radios, etc. that I have owned in my life.
Note: I can & will remove any rude, or disrespectful comments from any post on my blog, any Tweet on my Twitter profile & any post on my Instagram



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