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  1. 2015-10-29_00001.jpg

    Do you use a cinematic camera or something for your shots, they look real nice
  2. Dundreary Regina Ambulance

    who you gunna call? ghost busters!
  3. Well this looks messy

    Better watchout for the train, it might get you when your not expecting xD
  4. CH-53E Prepares to send Marines to Altis air base

    Aw fuck yea CUP Vehicle Pack, how you liking the pack man?
  5. M1116 Humvee with mine clearing device

    Now all we need is a bomb suit and robot xD, screw the robot and suit, you disable the bomb from the radio while with no protection - hurt locker ref.

    you better make a cpvi with hydraulics man xD
  7. You got to understand, R* is giving us free servers to play on, how else would they pay for the server and such?
  8. A-10A Thunderbolt II and MH-60L Black Hawk

    Ah I thought it was V for a sec, I wish arma could look just as good xD
  9. A-10A Thunderbolt II and MH-60L Black Hawk

    What game is this?
  10. I wouldn't chargeback, it would lead him to having his paypal locked. Because if payal gets a unauthorized claim, they would lock his account, and if hes underage, Paypal would never unlock it since he would break the TOS. What he should do is having him call paypal and explain the situation.
  11. Government Job

    ew white rims, well i guess what cars is a under cover now xD

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