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  1. 2018 Sandy Shores

    Any chance you could do a version with just the new houses and trees/street lights? It just lags like crazy around the two construction zones
  2. Funny that, it works in over 95% of the western world but because it isn't "the american way of life", it automatically wouldn't be a "happy situation" and is "government over reach". The entirety of the American gun nut population needs to stop hiding behind a book written over a two hundred years ago when the most advanced weapon around at the time could only fire two to three rounds a minute. Not something that can spit of lead like it's going out of fashion. As for my opinion to the whole gun control thing: The last time Australia had a massacre through some crazy twit with a gun was when almost all guns were banned and you know what the funny thing is.. WE HAVEN'T HAD A SINGLE ONE SINCE. Also before anyone jumps on the 'two different societies' band wagon, you have to realize that up until 1996 our societies were very much the same. The only difference we have between our two cultures is we actually listen to voices of reason and when something is broken we fix it, not just keep throwing band-aids on the problem and running away as quickly as possible.
  3. [ELS] Paleto Bay PD Slicktop '14 Dodge Charger

    Found a rather annoying bug with the back seat dummy...
  4. Upcoming pack

    Just some screenies of my models I'm making.
  5. My WIP thread.

    Decided to take a break from modelling for the better part of the last 6 months. However I'm back with a refreshed outlook on V and am ready to make cars again. I never got around to finishing 2.0 of the LSPD pack so I figure I may as well finish that before starting anything else. Check out the screenies below!!
  6. Does this mean NYSP is coming soonTM?
  7. Coming through

  8. sendmedolla

    Oh my god, cannot wait for this beast to be let loose! Look's so bloody good!!
  9. @t0y These are looking might fine daddy, seriously can't wait for you to kick that NYSP pack loose and eventually the Westchester County pack! Need some all red lighting in game already!!
  10. My best RangerRick impression

    Oh my god I wish he'd kick this shit loose already! I need NYSP cars in my game
  11. Going Up

    @XBR410 Fantastic job mate, looking mighty fine!
  12. The one thing I don't understand is, why we actually need it. I mean we went along just fine without it during the IV and early V days and now it's like something we can't live without. In my opinion it has very little affect as to whether or not I download a file simply because I know who can model and who can't and if you're unsure you just download it and try it out anyway. No amount of stars is going to change how and what I download and while yes in certain cases a higher rated file may get more downloads/comments/likes and what not it doesn't necessarily mean the file is any good, especially when 95% of reviews are like mentioned above "good" , "neat" and so on.
  13. I have found that it doesn't work anymore, when enough people give files a 5 star rating and only a few people give it a proper review it just doesn't balance itself out unfortunately.
  14. While perusing the downloads section for a new highway fleet I decided I'd read some reviews on different files and see what's hot and noticed the majority of people who post a review on a file just give some lame ass reply like 'great job', 'plz help' or one I even saw was just a smiley face with a 5 star rating. What is the point in having it when it can be so easily manipulated into giving an average attempt at doing something the best possible rating just because people don't get how a review system actually works. I honestly don't see a need for a review system anyway as we all know who can model or texture and who, quite frankly can't as it's quite obvious. I'd like to hear other peoples opinions into the matter if you managed to read this far. Cheers, Hank

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