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  1. Game4video ENB-

    why are the cutscenes not working??
  2. Savior ENB -- ELS Friendly

    this looks exactly like game4videos enb
  3. Area Livery Mod

    can you add more cars to put into ALM effect?
  4. how many fraps will i get if recording:
  5. LCPD CVPI Police Textures (Multiple Livery)

    what cars did you use to put textures on??
  6. Irving, Tx police Texture Pack

    NICE!!! do you think you can make a GPPD
  7. LCPD/SO Skin Pack

    what models did you use? obviously charger.cvpi.tahoe.but where from? Link? Because the texture does not fit the models i have. Help?
  8. LCPD Based On St. Cloud,FL PD

    do these cars have liveries?
  9. NEW 1.0.7 ENB, Game4videos!

    same here Need Help
  10. NEW 1.0.7 ENB, Game4videos!

    i start the game up and it loads until i spawn into my safehouse. it goes blacks and you cant see anything.. and most of the time it crashes....... i love this enb. my fav youtubers use it and i want to use it too.. help anyone?????
  11. IVDashCam

    just simply reinstall dashcam (delete files and replace them with another) if it doesnt work. run gta iv as admin any other questions just comment on my profile feed
  12. Liberty City Code 3 Javelin Pack

    Great!!!! one slight bug possibly. from medium range distances the texture turns completely black. cant see the amazing texture from a distance
  13. Fort Worth (TX) Skinpack

    can you make a grand prairie police skin? it would be awesome to serve as GP's finest

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