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  1. Won't stop loading?

    Cool, great support gents. Very useful forum.
  2. Won't stop loading?

    I haven't played a month or so. So I decided to play some only to find out my game will not stop loading. And if I were to launch the game through steam, and not the launcher it crashes. Thank you.
  3. Won't stop loading?

    I've seen many topics on this problem with no replies. Anyone care to help?
  4. Rage Plugin Hook

    This randomly started happening. Dont know why. When I start RPH up, and click on the settings, it crashes. When I just straight into the game, I cannot access anything RPH related (Console, scripts, etc.) Any clues?
  5. Rage Plugin Hook

  6. Rage Plugin Hook

  7. [DEV] Whelen Liberty SX8

    From the album Developed Parts

    Scratch Modeled by RobertB Mounds by PFCBarefoot Pretty good for my first scratch made full lightbar.
  8. [DEV] Whelen Liberty SX8

    No sir, I no longer develop mods anymore. Pretty sure I got rid of my stuff.
  9. ELS isnt bright...

    As you can tell from the title, my ELS isn't bright at all. I have radianceV and visualV, and my posFX and shaders are both on Ultra..what am I missing?!
  10. ELS isnt bright...

    It was.
  11. ELS isnt bright...

    I completely reinstalled my game. Deleted all game files. Im good now.
  12. ELS isnt bright...

    I did that, and reinstalled my game. Still dim.
  13. ELS isnt bright...

    I replaced everything and they're still the same.
  14. ELS isnt bright...

    Did that.
  15. ELS isnt bright...

  16. ELS isnt bright...

    Didn't think pics were required. The lights are dim/dark.
  17. GTAV Launcher

    I now keep getting this...I might throw my computer out the window if I keep getting issues.
  18. GTAV Launcher

    I get this.
  19. GTA V Will not start.

    After these new patches that came out, all I get is this. Haven't been able to play for over a month now. Any ideas?
  20. [ELS] Undercover Taxi CVPI

    Those lights in the back are huge.
  21. Hey guys, I was working on my car, when I started my game it crashed after it was done loading. I didnt even get to see the appartment. So I thought, "its just a crash that happens every once in awhile", so I restarted my game...over, over, over, and over again. And still would crash. So then again I thought, maybe its my Charger....I replaced it with a Waterloo Crown Vic..and still crashes...I didnt change a single thing, other than the police.wft and police.wtd file... Please help! I dont feel like doing a fresh re-install again! Thanks, RobertB

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