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  1. 2011 CROWN VICTORIA - CVPI 1.7U

    Anyone know how to uninstall what the automatic installer installed? Been trying to use other vehicles in Police4 but I can't because the light bar will be red and blue but it will only reflect blue due to whatever the automatic installer installed. Any help?
  2. Can't seem to get it working? I've made a "Scripts" folder and placed it in there and I have all the prerequisites for it to work but I get in-game and press "F7" and nothing happens?
  3. Enhanced Emergency Lighting

    I re-installled the mod thinking it would pick back up with Police3 and it works perfect with every single car now except police 3, and all my cars are configured to sirensetting1.
  4. Enhanced Emergency Lighting

    Well it was @Him1250's BCSO FPIU but he seems to have taken that vehicle down. But the light speed and reflections all worked when it was in the Police4 slot and now neither works with it since I've put it in the Police3 slot.
  5. Enhanced Emergency Lighting

    My Police 3 slot vehicle has coronas and in the Police 4 slot it worked but it does not work in the Police 3 slot with this mod?
  6. 2011 CROWN VICTORIA - CVPI 1.7U

    Any way to uninstall the package installer so I can use a different car?
  7. Enhanced Emergency Lighting

    Okay, what about the light speed?
  8. Enhanced Emergency Lighting

    This pack, the CVPI in Police slot (Neither faster lights nor reflections) and the Charger in Police2 slot (faster lights but no reflections).
  9. Enhanced Emergency Lighting

    All are SirenSetting1 At least they should be..let me check, do you know the carver locations for police and police2?? UPDATE: Yes they are all SirenSetting1 and the Police slot CVPI has no reflections and the lights are normal speed.
  10. Enhanced Emergency Lighting

    @thegreathah I used the Ford Explorer from BlackJesus' pack and the lights don't have any reflections when using it in the Police slot but they do when using it in the Police2 a lot?
  11. 4K CVPI(BxBugs123/F5544 based models) Skin Pack

    The .RAR file for F5544 models wont let me open/archive, says it's damaged or broken..any fix?
  12. Enhanced Emergency Lighting

    Love the new speed of the lights and the environmental lighting, only downside for me is that the environmental lighting is only in front of the vehicle and not on the sides or back..other than that amazing job!
  13. Code Zero State Police Texture Pack (WIP)

    I would suggest taking the "Code Zero" text off the vehicles..I don't think anyone BUT Code Zero would enjoy using them if it had that on them.
  14. 2016 California Highway Patrol MegaPack

    Worked! Thank you so much!
  15. 2016 California Highway Patrol MegaPack

    I can not get the 2006 CVPI with the Valor bar to work, the lightbar is not rotating, I've changed the siren setting from 2 to 13 and it still doesn't work. Please tell me someone knows how to fix this, I would love to use that CVPI with that lightbar.

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