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  1. *FIXED* Crashing in big pursuits

    Thank you! It seemed to be the Indicator mod. Been playing for an hour now, no crash. Thanks for your help.
  2. *FIXED* Crashing in big pursuits

    I am using: 3 car mods. Indicator, Traffic flow.
  3. Every single time I join a big pursuit. and the officers start to arrest people. my game just freezes then crashes. Anyone know why? *UPDATE* It seemed to be my Indicator Script Mod which caused he issue.
  4. HELP my GTA IV keeps crashing after 5-10 minutes

    One thing I did is, make a short-cut on your desktop to LaunchIV. Then in the Target. ALl the way in the end. make 1 space, then add these: -norestrictions -nomemrestrict -noBlockOnLostFocus -forcehighqualitymirrors -noswapdelay Another thing is to check if you installed any recent mod, which could possibly be the crash trigger.
  5. ELS works for AI but not for me

    Does the mod work when you have default keybinds?