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  1. Franklin likes it low :P

  2. Fresno PD Pack

    Accurate and crisp. More skins for em? Perhaps Central, Northwest, and Northeast Beats?
  3. Replace that terrible, fugly, disturbing piece of crap known as the interceptor.
  4. This is great! Shame its only ever sunny, I haven't seen a cloud in years.
  5. Donations Page & G17 Media Shirt Store

    Speed Limit Enforced by Aircraft Posters please? Maybe some fancy pens with various sayings of Officers or names such as, "Pull that shit heap over!" or "Officer Ronpenny" Mug with LSSD and LSPD Decals on them?
  6. Need For Speed HP 2 was my first NFS game and I think my first "racing game" i put that in quotes because I never drove anything but the police cars.
  7. Well unless its confirmed to have Police Vehicles as usable that's a strong definite no.
  8. Did underground feature the ability to drive police vehicles?
  9. ​That discussion made me CRINGE so fucking much, bunch of dumbass kids who don't know what the fuck they are talking about...
  10. LSPD Maverick

    Bodyguard mod works in MP, along with the RIOT Mod as long as you have the ONLINE version of the trainer which I won't be linking because mods don't want us too.
  11. LSPDFR Announcement + Preview

    There are lots of mini-agencies in GTA V the US Coast Guard, the US Marine Navy Army mismash of god knows how much inaccuracy at Fort Zancudo. But besides all that one thing I've always wanted to do is provide air support for a chase and have a chance to direct that fucking spotlight or atleast have my co-pilot do it. Bringing up co-pilot, will LSPDFR be Multiplayer compatible SP Only or MP Only... The feeling of being in a chase alone isnt as great as with friends all working together to catch the suspect.
  12. Deputy

    Deputy Dank CONFIRMED.
  13. Cop Uniform on PC

    I transferred mine, didn't know Outfits didn't transfer and took my hat off cause its looks ridiculous. So all was not lost, just the stupid hat.

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