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  1. GTA IV Crashing to Desktop

    Has anyone else ever had the same issue? Or has anyone else solved the phone error?
  2. Does anyone know how to figure out what sound card I have? I've been trying to figure out if the Razer Tiamat is compatible with the Realtek audio sound card I have, but because the Alienware Area 51 has stopped being produced- I can't find what sound card I have anywhere. Even if you can tell me where to look inside the computer that'd be helpful. EDIT: I went to device manager to find out what separate parts make up the sound system- I apparently have AMD cards also, don't know what to look for now though. EDIT #2: Just found out my Alienware DOES support the headset. :) The-Jon-Doe-Case I find my Alienware to be a really efficient machine for my purposes, plus it has a gigantic case so lots of upgrades are possible if needed. Also- I had a Dell XPS before my house caught fire due to lightning. And an Alienware Area 51 was what the insurance company had to pay for to replace it because it was the only computer similar to the XPS in terms of performance with that large of a case. (Keep in mind this was close to a year or two ago) Darkangel- Hence I paid nothing for the upgrade because the insurance company paid to replace all of the guts of the XPS and it still didn't work so they decided it'd be cheaper at that point to just replace the whole damn thing.
  3. Alienware Area 51 Desktop

  4. GTA IV Crashing to Desktop

    I am running the game as an admin, I've tried running the game on a fresh install with only the LCPD:FR (which is amazing btw) and while using several car mods and ELS. Neither works sadly.
  5. GTA IV Crashing to Desktop

    While playing LCPD:FR I experience a crash to desktop every time I play, anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour, but it always happens regardless of the time. It usually happens after using the actual mod for a while, because I can play just fine with the mod available. (Hence: It runs fine for forever until I push ALT+P and play the mod for a while). I tried using the mod at first with ELS and the cars from this website, but it crashed the first time ever about 30 minutes in. I read up on the issue and decided just to use LCPD:FR without any other mods. After playing once with no error, unfortunately I didn't play for very long because I had other things to attend to. The next time I played it started crashing again, so- uninstalled it, deleted everything (the Rockstar folder to be exact), re-installed it on the raw game and it still crashed. I've checked for the proper files and they're all there. I have an Alienware Area 51 back from when they still sold them haha. I've attached logs from the G17 Media Diagnostic download. My Specs are as follows: (Let me know if you need more; Seeing as I don't know what you need exactly haha) Alienware Area 51 Processor: Intel i7 CPU 930 @ 2.80GHz RAM: 6.00 GB OS: Windows 7 64 bit Log 1.txt Log 2.txt Log 3.txt ^Log Files (Was anyone able to find anything wrong with it?) The first one seemed okay. (besides the phone error thing) The second one was after I finally received an error message. ("Direct 3D device lost") The third one seems to only have one issue- the phone error again- which leads me to believe it is this causing the crashing. Anyone heard of it before? Or know how to fix it?<====! EDIT: Today I played with LCPD:FR, a bunch of car mods, and ELSv6 all at the same time for a successful 30 minutes. Until I called in the chopper, and then after the suspect was caught, the chopper just continued to follow me until GTA IV crashed to the desktop. I don't believe that is relevant, but it might be, seeing as I'm generally trying to use some of the newer features of LCPD:FR. (I'm using the most recent one) EDIT #2: Tried again, it seems to be lasting longer the more I waited before I start the mod. Another problem that may be unrelated to the CTD problem; The character models are really slow to move through when choosing an officer- so much as to be 20 seconds before the arrow key I hit takes effect. EDIT #3: The second log file I generated tonight happened after I received my first error- apparently on the last lines of the script running is where one new error happened. Don't know so much about the phone thing- but it's in both logs. EDIT #4: I'm going to, once again, delete everything that pertains to GTA IV and Rockstar and do a fresh install of everything... perhaps doing this again will help. We'll see. EDIT #5: The clean install did not work. (Well it lasted longer at least... 1 and a half hours this time) I attempted to use LCPD:FR RC2 again. It crashed after a slightly longer amount of time. EDIT #6: I'm back to the same problem and I still don't know how to fix it.

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