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  1. City of Los Santos CVPI Skin

    It appears as if you just slapped some black text onto a gray base with no consideration for how the text fits on the car or what type of font to use. I understand this is your first skin but it looks like you spent a total of 10 minutes on this skin.
  2. Los Santos Police pack

    What department in PA were you intending these vehicles to be for?
  3. [4K] LSPD Mega-Pack

    Hey, glad to see you re-uploaded this pack in the appropriate place. These textures look fantastic and I think it's exemplified by the fact that you're only 15 years old. Keep up the great work and can't wait to see what your come up with in the future.
  4. Australian Offences for LSPDFR+ [WIP]

    This doesn't belong in this section it should be in the visual & data file section or misc. section.
  5. HOLY SHIT!! Glad to see you guys are still alive gotta say I have gotten pretty pessimistic over the years after not hearing anything. I have been following this mod all the way back since LCPDFR so it's absolutely fantastic to see you guys are still hard at work wit this project. I am highly looking forward to future updates. Keep doing a great job!
  6. [ELS] Wichita Police Pack!

    Fantastic pack all of the vehicles are done incredibly well and you included a nice variety of vehicles. The light setup is done really well I usually prefer a bit more lighting on my cars but I have to say this pack does the minimal lighting very well. I really like how the front and back of the light bar is on different ELS modes. The front of the bar is the primary slot while the back is the secondary this is great for traffic stops allowing you to toggle the front lights off while leaving the back on. This is a great feature and one I haven't wanted to see in a pack for a long time, nice job! Another thing I appreciate is your inclusion of the + texture files. That's not something you see included in a lot of packs and I wish it was so the game could render the vehicles at a distance without all the useless textures. The only issues I have with this pack is that the rear light bar on the slick top charger is a bit too dim. That's the only complaint I have for the lighting the rest of the vehicles look fantastic. My second complaint would be how you organized the vehicles in the pack. This is a minor gripe but it would be nice if you could split the files up for each vehicle into individual folders. This allows people to know which vehicles is which when deciding which ones to include in their games. I already went ahead and did this for myself and included a picture for you to see. Overall this is an absolutely fantastic pack and I highly recommend downloading it. The few complaints I had with this are pretty minor and it's obvious the author put a lot of work into making these vehicles the best he could. Great job @Pauly Sauficer!

  8. How do i charge a suspect after arrest?

    I suggest using Computer+ it allows you to create an arrest report and has you list the crimes similar to how police type up a criminal complaint in real life. The report is completely useless but it really helps to enhance the Roleplay. You can find the mod here:
  9. ELS will not start

    Did you place the VCF files in the correct location?
  10. Not working, no Steam version

    The official LSPDFR download can be found here: Note: According to the site LSPDFR is 90.25 MB
  11. Aggressive peds bug (when arresting)

    Go ahead and try this plugin and see if it makes any difference.
  12. Game version 0 is an error that indicates Rage has not been installed properly. Ensure you installed all of the files (except the SDK and License Folders) inside the main GTA V directory.
  13. Sudden ELS light/environmental Failure

    I'll just leave this here for anyone else having this issue but this can usually be fixed by uninstalling and reinstalling the ASI plugins within Open IV.
  14. v0.3.1 - Only getting pursuits

    The initial version of LSPDFR only includes only about 2 call outs so unless you have installed additional plugins that create call outs you are going to get pursuits very often.
  15. Addon police cars have weird texture

    That's odd I have never had an issue with it. Currently have it running in my game without a problem.

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