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  1. how much is a little bit i did up 200 but that didnt do anything
  2. Yes i did so it worked fine and i added them one by one an bassiclay the only time it works is if it has nothing in it i think its just cause it talks a bit longer to load all the and it freezes the game then its terminated cause it dosent like the game frozen for like 10 seconds i think
  3. I dont even have a mods folder lol
  4. welp it didnt work so u got any other ideas if u have team viewer u can see what my stuff looks like and if u want u can tell me whats wrong
  5. So when ever i go to go on duty my lspdfr always crashes RagePluginHook_09032018_151321.log
  6. Im sorry if this is not the right category but i would like to know why me rage hook plugin keeps getting stuck on waiting for game window

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