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  1. Emergency Uniforms Pack - Support

    I need help, no eup folder. 1. Ensure the eup folder is in update/x64/dlcpacks." Having issues with this. Also, when I start my game EUP Menu wont load, I get error, mpchristmas2 and mpxmas_604490 not in dlclist.xml. Make sure required dls's are in the correct file located at update/updates.rpf/common/data/dlclist.xml.
  2. EUP Menu

    So, EUP Menu isn't working for me. I followed all steps for EUP Law and Order and for the menu, but when I try to load it I get an error. It says mpchristmas2 and mpxmas_604490 isn't locared in dlcpack. Says to make sure they are in update/update.rpf/common/data/ inside dlclist.xml, well I checked and they are in there. What could be wrong?
  3. Northern Gardens Police Department Pack

    New here, how do I install these as they aren't like the ones I put in so far, ie police2, sheriff2, fbi2, ect. ?

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