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    the only one i have is assorted callouts.... but ive tried perteru and code 3 as well and they all seem to have there own bugs ive removed all but assorted callouts thos so that is the only one i have currently i will give you a list of all mods im running alpr lite assorted callouts better ems arrest manager traffic policer smart raido computer plus lspdfr+ odloadout stop the ped traffic stop back up police search vocal dispatch
  2. Help

    RagePluginHook.log is that the one???
  3. Help

    it wont let me upload the crash files its says it dosen't support rcrm files
  4. Help

    LSPDFR keeps crashing and rage hook sends a notification saying its an issue with first response by g17 media i downloaded 0.3.1 and added it but for some reson when i load the game it says there is a new version of 0.3.1. it started crashing after i added vocal dispatch i have the crash report generat ed by rage hook RagePluginHook_09032018_044255.log RagePluginHook_09032018_070444.log RagePluginHook_09032018_075025.log RagePluginHook_09032018_085639.log RagePluginHook_09032018_011330.log RagePluginHook_09032018_013752.log RagePluginHook_09032018_021435.log RagePluginHook_09032018_023335.log RagePluginHook_09032018_030609.log RagePluginHook_09032018_031053.log RagePluginHook_09032018_032054.log RagePluginHook_09032018_032908.log RagePluginHook_09032018_035115.log
  5. MY LSPDFR IS MESSED UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    thanks man that help the backup problem. ive noticed alot of the issues i was having are resolved after i removed assorted callout's.... not saying its that plugins fault but those where the call outs that kept making it crash everytime i accept the traffic stop backup or the prisoner transport callout it crashes the traffic stop one wont crash fully tho it says that lsdpfr was able to prevent a full crash but the other one throws me out the game... now that ive removed it i seem to be having less problems but i still cant get my splash screen back
  6. MY LSPDFR IS MESSED UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i started with the manual and it worked great but when i swtiched to the auto install and it loads up and everything but theres no splash screen. so i switched back to the manual install but now its all the problems above with no splash screen. so i deleted it all again reinstalled with manual laspfr and re loaded mods one by one and still the same ive tried everything to get the splash screen back and it just aint working not to mention all the other issues im having
  7. MY LSPDFR IS MESSED UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    yeah ive uninstalled gtav, and lspdfr, everything and re installed 3 times, and no luck trouble shooter says its good. but its not.... ive even deleted everything and installed mods one by one and still no luck
  8. MY LSPDFR IS MESSED UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    first is the stop command it only works for the first 5 minutes then it stops. every time i call back up the suspect runs. every time in pursuit the pursuit randomly ends... call out for traffic stop backup crashes. when ordering ped out of car the ped will walk off..... call outs will not load properly like it will start off good and the either the ped wont comply or the actions i select hav no effect...... game crashes on certain call outs...... this is really annoying lol i included the contents of my logg file please help me

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