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  1. LCPDFR Not working Error Error 0x320?

    I have GTA IV Downgraded to and have installed LCPDFR using the new auto installer and it is not working. (No blips on the map for the police stations and I even tried going to the one in Hove Beach which did not work obviously) Taken from the log [INFO - 8:21:00 AM] [ServerCommunication] InitializeConnection: Connected to the LCPDFR server [INFO - 8:21:00 AM] [Authentication] Authentication: Server available, using online authentication [INFO - 8:21:01 AM] [NetworkManager] NetworkManager: In network session: False Is host: False [ERROR - 8:21:01 AM] [ServerCommunication] GetUserInformationString: Failed to query data [ERROR - 8:21:02 AM] [Authentication] Authentication: Error 0x320 [ERROR - 8:21:02 AM] [Authentication] Authentication: Authentication failed [INFO - 8:21:02 AM] [Authentication] Authentication: Failed to authenticate

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