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  1. The cages are meant for heavy duty use in forestry and wildland fires. So are the raised chassis, off-road tires, heavy duty offroad bumper, winch, etc. Its a method of keeping trees, brush, etc away from the truck as crews need to operate the truck through these types of vegetation in areas that are densely wooded and it might damage the body, lighting, glass etc of the truck. Ive included some pictures for examples for you. Please also note I stated above the "brush cage" will be an "extra" so you can play with it or without it. This pack of trucks is meant more for the county area of the map ergo the off-road packages on them so at times youll need the brush cage. Especially servers running the Redwood Forest mod for realism and protection against driving through those environments.
  2. Just to clarify regarding some PMs Ive received... These WILL BE unlocked for community use.
  3. Hey guys, I wanted to share my current project with you guys in the hopes of getting some help on conversions to GTA V. I was told I cant keep them in a photo gallery as they are not in-game pictures so Im posting this here. Im a scratch modeler with years of experience. I usually tend towork with Unreal Engine and Unity assets, but I love the GTA V modding scene. I actually started in the GTA: SA modding days back in 2007. I hope to open this topic and present pictures/video media of the trucks in hopes of getting assistance from the community throughout the development process to successfully get these trucks in-game and playable. I will begin with the modeling phase and then move onto discussing the models with you all and the conversion process. Thank you all for your time and attention. Pack Project Plan: Kenworth Off-Road Spec Engine Kenworth Off-Road Spec Tanker Kenworth Off-Road Spec Hazmat Kenworth Off-Road Spec Decon Unit Kenworth Off-Road Spec Mobile Command Kenworth Off-Road Spec Type 3 Engine Kenworth Off-Road Spec Heavy Rescue Body Kenworth Off-Road Spec Crew Transport (Smoke Jumpers) Kenworth Off-Road Spec Ambulance Kenworth Off-Road Spec Search and Rescue Rick CURRENT CREDITS Cab : Forza Kenworth Cab (Heavy modified to 4 door) Cab Accessory Parts: Scratch Modeled Lightbar: Split Vision SLR (Truck Version) Scratch Modeled (WIP) Wheels: Heavy modified "Guardian" Off-Road wheels from GTA V / Rockstar Rear Engine Chasis: Mixture of Scratch modeling and Humster3D (WIP) Question: Will the cage be mandatory? Answer: No, The grill brush guard will be permanent, however, the full cab brush cage system will be an "extra".
  4. The project this was intended for only had a straight forward view of sorts. I do have the interior parts and the interior is in progress.
  5. Awesome. Will send you models when ready then. Will also send them with a few different lightbars for selections. Might take a few days or weeks depending on work schedule if thats ok with you?
  6. Ok. Will rework some things and get back to you when models are ready. Are we in agreement that they will be unlocked for community use?
  7. Well they will be fully unlocked so people can change what they want. All I ask is credits for "original creator". This is purely for the community to enjoy. What formats do you need the models in and how do you want materials applied in 3ds max?
  8. Hey Guys & Gals, I was wondering if anyone could help me bring a few of my fire rigs to GTA V as far as a partnership? I have no interest in learning zmodeler (old school GTA SA modeler), but I would like to see the community enjoy some unlocked fire rigs for them to toy with. I have all sorts from Seagraves to American LaFrance, etc. I also have all sorts of chasis. Seagraves were hand made from scratch and still a WIP. Would anyone be willing to help?
  9. SASP Textures Pack

    Work in progress.
  10. Seagrave HAZ-MAT/ Heavy Rescue

    Where did you get the model?

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