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  1. Zmodeler 3 Help

    You can find alot of help guides over on the zmod forums. There are also helpful guide's for beginners
  2. 2014 Ford F550 ESU Truck

    Should have used that back of mine, But never the less it still looks cool. I would say a fire truck of some sort like a brush truck
  3. Make sure to add the proper light Id's you can find them here:
  4. 20170822121511_1.jpg

    What's that thing sticking out of the roof? Also, I love it when I see people using my models
  5. Some sneak screens of the Jeep for you guys Things to note: Radio doesn't appear white in game, this is just an emissive thing in ZMod I will change it from Stick Shift to an Auto And the trim/seat colour can be changed from the cream/brown to a black, And it's highest Lod is 64,000 ploys and the lowest is 2,400 (I'm working on getting it smaller)
  6. Prisoner Transport

    From the album 0taku media

    Image from Yesterday that I forgot to post
  7. 0taku media

    GTA V shoot's from Zmod W.I.P to messing around
  8. A Start To Something Great

    That looks like the back of my ESU truck
  9. There is also a small chance that the Jeep will also have a DEV release
  10. I found an old one that I was working on a while back, I'm I'm bringing it back to life
  11. Fleet of LS

    From the album 0taku media

  12. The pack for far Police, police2, police3 (done) Police4 just need to fix the ELS Corona up a bit and add the radio ants. Tahoe and the Marauder. Then work my way around to the Express, Esu truck and lastly the Wrangler. Wrangler model still needs some work on it but that's just bugs fixes.
  13. I made a 1000 Starphaser lightbar lmao

    Looks like it's based of the Whelen Justice
  14. chevy to the levy

    From the album 0taku media

    started work on the Impala since the Marked Vic and Charger done
  15. Damn she be looking sexy. I'm glad she is being given a nice home and put to good use (that last part doesn't sound right for some reason) Try this http://forum.zmodeler2.com/viewtopic.php?f=31&t=8429&sid=aa33af41952239b44110dd58c47b9867